Oct 6, 2021
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Killed, arrested, recruited: CIA loses agents worldwide – New York Times

The CIA informed the residencies about the loss of “dozens” of agents abroad. According to the New York Times, the specialists were killed, arrested and recruited.

Officials from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) last week warned their residents overseas about attacks on agents. There are “dozens of people killed, arrested or recruited.” The message sent by the CIA is reported by the New York Times.

As is the case with such leaks, the dispatch was prepared under the heading “top secret”, but still became public knowledge. According to the CIA, the losses are “too great.” The article notes that the department cited specific figures. This short message is quite sensational, journalists say:

Counterintelligence agents usually do not share such data in such communications.

By the way, with regards to those who were turned over. This is the only point on which the CIA did not give a clear reference with numbers. As noted in the New York Times material, the CIA is sinning against the Pakistani special services. They are, they say, “especially strong.” In addition, the special services of Russia and China are mentioned, which use in their work technologies of artificial intelligence, identification of appearance, biometric scanning to spy on American agents. In a word, the CIA does not like the standard work of counterintelligence, perfectly performed by opponents.

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