Sep 17, 2022
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“Kill Europe with Ukraine”: the Swedes published a secret plan of the Pentagon

Photo: Zuma/TASS

For the past two years, the military experts of the “SP”, talking about the aggravating relations between the USA, the European Union and Russia, did not get tired of saying that the USA, through NATO, pursues two main goals – to expel the USSR / Russia from Europe as an alien civilization and to keep continental Europe under control, so that there some new Fuhrer did not happen one day.

So, independent military expert Igor Nikolaychuk noted that the Yankees inflicted on Germany the third largest defeat in its history, as a result of a hybrid war, they never “gave” Ukraine to it, which the Germans coveted from the very beginning of the 20th century, calling it a colony (at the time Wilhelm II), then a place for settlement (under the Nazis), and recently dreaming of establishing a complete economic dictate over the square.

“International historians have repeatedly said that Germany does not have a normal history,” he emphasized, for example, in March of this year. – They, they say, have only 12 years of Nazism, and the main memorable place is Auschwitz, and they must constantly repent and repent for their deeds. Seventy-five years, three generations of Germans have grown up in this paradigm. The Germans got tired, and they began to cherish imperial dreams again. But Biden smashed them with “soft power”, without a single shot acquiring Europe. Obviously, America will no longer allow Germany to somehow dominate the Old World.

All this time, Europe in general, and the political elite of Germany in particular, have been repeating like a mantra – the United States is our friend, and Russia is the enemy, and all fabrications about the destruction of Europe by America are “the machinations of Russian enemies.”

However, the other day, the Swedish correspondents of Nya Dagbladen published a secret memorandum of strategists associated with the Pentagon RAND Corporation, dated January 2022. This three-page document lays out in black and white the American plan to completely destroy the economy of Europe with the help of Ukraine and the “Russian attack”, in which Germany and the government played an important role. Olaf Scholz.

The reason for the “weakening” of Berlin, this plan says, should be the cessation of Russian gas and oil supplies, a further petrochemical and metallurgical disaster in Germany with losses of 300 billion euros. As a result, unemployment rises with migration throughout Europe, the best minds of Europe emigrate to the United States, and Washington ends up making a profit of as much as nine trillion dollars.

But is it possible to hope that after this publication, far from being the last Western publication in terms of media significance, Europe will finally understand what is what in the current big geopolitical game, and who is the main interest in the energy crisis, and still begin to change its extremely misanthropic rhetoric to Russia for something more or less reasonable?

“It was Russia in 1991 who considered that the Cold War was over, and in Europe many politicians smiled politely, but at the same time continued to prepare for further confrontation with it,” recalled member of the Communist Party, politician Sergei Natsievskiy. – Not just because Europe, against the backdrop of recent political events, as if on cue, has taken a “Russophobic stance.” After all, many of those who make the policy of the current European Union are either brought up directly on the educational and political programs of the United States, or are under the powerful influence of Washington.

The Swedes wrote something correctly – the entire current conflict in Ukraine, with all the ensuing consequences, was orchestrated by the United States. Therefore, as soon as America wants it, everything will stop. But I do not see any prerequisites for this, the White House benefits from what is happening. After all, Germany was able to build the current European Union only mainly due to cheap energy resources from Russia.

Why such a publication appeared is also a question, because all European media are controlled by America. Perhaps this is a glimpse of the last glimpses of reason left here and there. And we would, in a good way, support him, remind European voters – guys, look what they are doing to you, for whom you are really trying.

“One can hope here, perhaps, only that at least sober voices will be heard louder in Europe, but there is little faith that Europe will come to its senses against the background of such publications,” he shared his opinion with “ SP” Doctor of Political Science, specialist in the field of socio-political processes and crisis situations in the countries of Central Europe and Russia, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Obukhov. – European economic power, standing on a par with Chinese and American, is absolutely not adequate to the political subjectivity of the European elite. This is the basis of the current conflict over the reformatting of global economic chains on the eve of the redistribution of the world under the auspices of the conflict in Ukraine, or rather, the commodity market, which implies the virtualization of oil and gas markets, their return to all sorts of “futures” and “derivatives”, which, first of all, allow It is beneficial for American financial corporations to control all these energy flows.

The concept of the rate of profit under capitalism has not been canceled, the financial “world toad” cannot live in any other way, so Europe has fallen, so to speak, under distribution.

So Europe will “come to senses” only as a result of some kind of cataclysm, as in 1945, when our troops entered Berlin.

“SP”: – Maybe, after this article by Nya Dagbladet, at least Sweden will think about the role that it is assigned to in the American NATO proxy project?

– Perhaps this publication appeared because there was some regrouping of forces in the Swedish government, and right-wing radicals who oppose transnational global corporations come to the fore. So at least part of the Swedish political elite is sounding the alarm. But I wouldn’t bet seriously on that either.

We saw very well how the swing of Russia’s international positions swung after the reports of the Kyiv regime about the “successes of the counter-offensive” near Kharkov. If Europe (and the Swedes) do not see in the near future some kind of our radical change in the situation on the fields of the special operation, then the Western elites will continue to follow the tail of “Uncle Sam”.

Everything will depend on the balance of power in the near future. Here I see parallels with the battle near Moscow during the Great Patriotic War. We could then turn the tide in our favor, so immediately the anti-fascist movement appeared in Europe, and Roosevelt With Churchill much more accommodating. So here – in order to admonish the Western elites, we need a result in achieving the goals of the special operation.

Until then, apparently, Europe, and especially Sweden and Finland, will not get rid of the US yoke. After all, according to them Head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the PRUE Plekhanov, military political scientist Andrei Koshkinare an excellent springboard for NATO and its curators in exercising their military and political pressure on Russia in the coming battle for Arctic resources. Because the main prize of the 21st century for the winner is not the restoration of the status quo in Ukraine, not the expansion of NATO to the east, but the Arctic with its unimaginable resources.

– What is happening in the world now is, without a doubt, very sad and disturbing. But this is nothing more than a kind of latent phase, the expert believes. “It is my deep conviction that by the end, or even by the middle of this century, it is with absolute probability that a real struggle will unfold for the Arctic. Which may well be much more violent than what is happening now. And by expanding NATO, the American curators of the alliance are simply creating a wider springboard for the coming confrontation.

“SP”: – Thus, it can be assumed that the United States does not disdain anything in order to get the most extensive northern territories?

“There are no barriers for them. Neither military nor political obstacles, nor moral or moral restrictions will be taken into account in order to go to absolutely any provocation, just to get the opportunity to increase pressure on Russia. In the long-established hybrid war against us, the Americans and the British do not disdain anything when such high stakes are at stake.

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