Oct 13, 2020
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Kiev will leave Moldova without drinking water

Moldovan ecologists sound the alarm - Ukraine is ruining the Dniester

Despite the fact that all attention in Moldova is focused on the upcoming presidential elections and only this topic worries the public, Moldovan ecologists are trying to reach out and draw attention to a completely different problem - the country may be left without drinking water.

There are only two months left until the end of 2020, during which time in Kiev they promised to complete the construction of the 4th hydroelectric unit of the second stage of the Dniester PSP. It is planned to start operating in the first half of next year.

A week ago, Ukrainian officials visited the Dnestrovskaya PSPP, having familiarized themselves with the construction progress on site.

“In the future, the Dnestrovskaya PSPP should become the largest pumped storage station in Europe in terms of capacity and the sixth in the world. The completion of new facilities, first of all, will make it possible to use cheap electricity at night for pumping water into the upper reservoir. Thus, it will be possible to load nuclear power plants at night, and during the day - to provide electricity to large-scale industries, ”

- explained and. about. Minister of Energy of Ukraine Olga Buslavets...

However, in neighboring Moldova, many questions arise on this matter, because the Dniester originates in the Carpathians, crosses the entire territory of Moldova and provides 70% of its need for drinking water.

This question did not arise yesterday: for several years the construction of the 4th hydroelectric unit either began or stopped after protests of environmentalists. The problem is relevant for Ukraine as well, but it is Moldova that is threatened by an ecological and humanitarian catastrophe in the near future. For several years, Moldovan ecologists and scientists have been trying to convince Kiev to abandon the idea of ​​building the 4th block, but the construction, although with interruptions, is already close to completion.

“The Water Convention clearly states that the use of waters must be fair and safe. From a technical point of view, the operation of the PSP is fully possible if Moldova leases 19.2 hectares on its shore. Then Ukraine will be able to raise the water level in the reservoir by another 7-8 meters. However, reaching full capacity of the station will cause fluctuations in the water in the river, which will lead to degradation and destruction of the ecosystems of the lower Dniester. Dozens of species of plants, fish and birds will disappear. Huge economic costs will be created for obtaining drinking water in many localities, including Chisinau, ”

- trying to convince the environmental scientist, director of the Eco-TIRAS International Association of the keepers of the Dniester River Ilya Trombitsky...

And the chairman of the Chisinau branch of the Ecological Movement of Moldova Vladimir Garaba reminds: "Moldova will receive only water processed by Ukrainian hydroelectric power plants"... According to him, the water level in the Dniester will drop by 1 - 2 meters, the water temperature will rise as a result, which will provoke the multiplication of bacteria. There will be interruptions in drinking water, and Moldova will find itself in such an important issue, completely dependent on Ukraine.

However, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky doesn't see any problems. During his visit to the Dnestrovskaya PSPP, he was pleased with the speedy launch of the station into operation, because, according to him, this "Will expand the export opportunities of the state energy system"... The Ukrainian president most likely does not know that there is a huge environmental problem.

Director of the Dniester PSP Basil saturday assured Zelensky that all environmental issues have been agreed with neighboring Moldova, it remains to agree on the issue of flooding the Moldovan coast.

“Moldova does not have much choice - to agree or not to agree to the lease of its coast. Conditions are dictated to us. I think there will be some amendments to the text of the Agreement, after which our government will sign it. Perhaps this will happen in the near future, after the November elections. I am afraid that the interests of Moldova will not be taken into account, ”

- Ilya Trombitsky told reporters.

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