Apr 7, 2021
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Kiev wants to change Minsk to Warsaw

In the photo: the building of the Palace of Independence, where negotiations are held in the "Normandy format"

In the photo: the building of the Palace of Independence, where negotiations are held in the “Normandy format” (Photo: Victor Drachev / TASS)

The Ukrainian delegation refused to go to the talks in Minsk Reznikov, if they are resumed in person. This was announced by the Minister for the so-called. “Temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine” Alexey Reznikov

“We have explained that the Ukrainian delegation will not send its members of the delegation to Minsk. To carry it out in real life, you will still have to look for another country, another city “– he said.

He also added that Belarus is allegedly under the influence of Russia and Kiev “has no confidence in this territory.”

Previously head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group Leonid Kravchuk called Belarus “Russia’s lackey.”

Later, he made a proposal to transfer negotiations on the Donbass from Belarus to another country. According to him, the negotiations can be transferred from Minsk to a number of states, while Kravchuk named Poland among the countries of the “former socialist camp”.

“Because there will be no questions – we have not always been friends with Poland … Therefore, no one will say that Poland is a loyal eternal friend of Ukraine. It would be okay. If outside the socialist camp, then there are a lot of such countries. It should be a neutral country, democratic, in no case can it be Belarus, because she says very ugly and even indecent things in relation to Ukraine through Lukashenka’s lips, she is under the heel of Russia “, – said the ex-president of Ukraine.

He also suggested that Russia will not agree to the transfer of the platform for negotiations, since it is “problematic” to take representatives of the DPR and LPR to another country. At the same time, he added that he would not go to Minsk and “it has already been decided.”

We will remind, earlier Reznikov invited Poland and the United States to take part in the negotiation process. In response to this, Moscow through the mouth of the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov replied that the line chosen by Washington on the Ukrainian issue does not leave him a place in the negotiations on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass.

Thus, there can be no doubt that neither the US involvement in the negotiations, nor their transfer to Poland is possible. What then does Ukraine want to achieve with its demarche? Or is it a “run over” to Belarus? According to Reznikov, this country is allegedly under the influence of Russia. Did you just notice it?

– Oh no, in fact, Kiev has long and stubbornly accused Minsk of lack of independence and informationally cheats its population on the fact that in the event of a war with Russia, fight on two fronts, since the tanks of the Russian Federation will allegedly necessarily go from the territory of Belarus, – explains Belarusian journalist Sergei Smirnov… – Any Ukrainian will confirm this conspiracy version of the future.

The current post-quarantine demarche of Ukraine in the negotiations is caused by: 1. the aggravation of the situation in Donbass, and, apparently, the unwillingness to put it out somehow; 2. the severance of good diplomatic relations between Minsk and Kiev; 3.The desire of Kiev to please London, Brussels and Washington, once again supporting them in the matter of punishment Lukashenka

“SP”: – Yes, while the meetings were on-line, nothing was embarrassing? After all, it was still the Minsk site. What’s the difference, online or in real life?

– Minsk talks in real life have been going on since 2014. It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of these negotiations. But, as the ancients said, “a bad peace is better than a good war.” They also say that bad dancers are always hindered by something. In fact, official Minsk has always tried to distance itself as much as possible from interference in these delicate negotiations. Minsk has never been a moderator of these meetings, never climbed with advice. Of the “Minsk” in these negotiations, only the name, and the status of the “donor of regional security” inflated by the Belarusian propaganda.

“SP”: – By the way, how will Old Man react to this initiative? Recently, Kiev allows too many attacks on him – they called him a lackey. Isn’t it time to be offended?

– I think Lukashenka is unlikely to be offended by the words of the “illegitimate” ex-President Kravchuk. Because from the point of view of Lukashenka, “they don’t become presidents, they are born”. The very loss of the status of a negotiating platform for Belarus is now uncritical, all the same, there is nothing left of the international image of Minsk: “The barn burned down – burn and burn.” Plus – the Belarusian propaganda lately is not shy about expressing itself against Kiev.

“SP”: – That is, the loss of the site is not critical? Will this affect the international status of Belarus?

– The loss of the status of a negotiating platform does not mean anything now. The battle of dishes with the second most important economic partner, which Ukraine is for Balarus, is critical. Just yesterday, the mayor of Lviv refused the previously concluded agreement for the supply of 100 MAZ buses. And sober people came to understand that the Ukrainian authorities can go far in this patriotic frenzy. I admit that the Ukrainian governors may well arrange a “socialist competition” to boycott goods from Belarus.

“SP”: – Kravchuk proposes to transfer negotiations to Poland. Why exactly there?

– Warsaw has long and deservedly been the “overseer” of our region from the United States. Poland is a geographically convenient alternative to Minsk, but it will definitely not remain in the role of a developer who is solely providing premises for negotiations. Therefore, it is unlikely that Moscow, and, consequently, the LDPR authorities will like the idea of ​​transferring the negotiations to Poland. Probably, Moscow can offer even exotic Kazakhstan as an alternative to Minsk, all the more so when Nazarbayev, the allies in the EAEU sought to transfer the “Minsk process” then back to Astana.

“SP”: – How real is the transfer after all? Or will the Ukrainian delegation settle down and calm down? The idea of ​​transferring the negotiations from Minsk surfaced earlier …

– Now everything is possible. Everything will depend on the decisiveness of the parties and the intensity of the situation in Donbass. If they want it, they will come to an agreement both in the barn and in the subway car.

“SP”: – Kiev proposes to include the United States in the format, but Moscow is against it. But it is logical to remove Ukraine from the negotiations and conduct a dialogue directly with its owner, Washington.

– Well, how can the Slavs come to an agreement without the “Washington Regional Committee”? Naturally, the United States, as a world gendarme, also with hawk-democrats at its head, wants to play the first violin, reminding the whole world of its greatness. As far as Russia is concerned, Moscow and Washington have had a very bad relationship for a long time. It is unlikely that Ukraine, which lies in the plane of Russia’s strategic interests, which has scolded it with half of the world, can somehow reconcile East and West …

– This is more an attempt to demonstrate the involvement of Kiev’s position in the Western attitude towards Belarus, – I am convinced political scientist Alexander Dudchak… – But also the intention, at least in some way, to change the format of the negotiations. The Ukrainian delegation would be ideally suited to the Swiss Alps or Monaco. The result will not change from the change of places of negotiations. The sabotage of the Minsk agreements by Kiev will continue.

“SP”: – Kravchuk proposes to transfer negotiations to Poland. Does Poland need it?

– Kravchuk is trying to convince someone that if Ukraine and Poland did not always have friendly relations, then this should somehow guarantee its neutral position. But Poland is one of the most Russophobic countries in the back dance with Washington. And what’s the difference, what is the position of the country that provided the place for negotiations? Belarus is a negotiating country, not a participant.

“SP”: – And how will the republics of Donbass react to this? And Moscow?

– It can be assumed that the arguments in favor of transferring the place of negotiations will not be convincing for Moscow and the unrecognized republics. Indeed, this makes no sense, except to justify their desire to sabotage the negotiation process.

“SP”: – Is it possible to transfer to any truly neutral country that would suit everyone? In which?

– Firstly, it will not be so easy for the representatives of the republics to do this. Secondly, why?

“SP”: – Earlier Reznikov invited Poland and the United States to take part in the negotiation process. What is the status? What will it change?

– Why on earth should Poland and the United States be there? Let us invite China and Belarus as negotiators. It is clear that without the United States the sun does not rise, but after their boorish statements, incl. and Biden, they do not even have the right to be mentioned as being involved in the negotiation process. However, their influence is already great – on the position of the European participants.

“SP”: – According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, Washington’s chosen line on the Ukrainian issue does not leave him a place in the negotiations to resolve the conflict in Donbass. Why is Moscow so opposed to US participation?

– The United States is the main organizer and beneficiary of the coup d’etat in Ukraine and the war that followed in the Donbass. This is already enough not to invite them as a participant. Not to mention the completely unacceptable statements of support for Ukraine in the event of an escalation of the conflict. In fact, the US is announcing a new phase of the war, which it plans to start using Ukraine. Negotiations with Washington are possible. But it will be in a different format, in a different place and at a different time.

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