Oct 29, 2021
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Kiev took almost forty Russians prisoner, will Moscow be wiped out?

Kiev took almost forty Russians prisoner, will Moscow be wiped out?

Photo: Zuma / TASS

The Donetsk People’s Republic officially confirmed the occupation of the Staromaryevka village by the Ukrainian military. This was mentioned in the report on the results of the next negotiating round of the group on security issues at the negotiations of the Contact Group of the JCCC DNR.

Of course, one can talk for a long time about Kiev’s perfidious violation of the Minsk agreements – all this is not the first time. The tactics of “toad jumps” are not new either, according to which the Armed Forces of Ukraine systematically occupy the “gray zone” improving their positions on the eve of a probable offensive.

However, this time something completely extraordinary happened: a settlement was captured, in which 37 people live, who had previously become citizens of Russia. It is reported that their passports are being confiscated and they are being searched.

What will happen to these people? Criminal liability? Of course, getting a Russian passport is not a crime, but getting a DPR passport (it’s impossible to obtain a Russian document without it), recognized in Ukraine as a “terrorist organization? Or even car numbers with a DPR flag?”

But the main question is not even that. And in what Russia will undertake, because these are its citizens. Or Moscow is ready to act only if its citizens begin to be killed, as in South Ossetia in 2008 – and then, after some hesitation.

Official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the situation in Donbass alarming. Anxious? When 37 citizens of Russia are captured – is it an alarming situation? Does Zakharova represent the actions of the United States or Israel, if someone would have captured their citizens like that ?!

– To our great regret, “captured the citizens of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation will immediately respond” – it does not work that way, – believes political scientist Stanislav Smagin

– What, the previous two and a half years after the start of the LDNR passportisation, its residents, including holders of Russian passports, did not suffer or even perish from Kiev’s actions? On this issue, the Russian leadership, with all its desire to mark the “red lines” where it wants to, has already marked the “red line”. Back in the spring, during the previous exacerbation, through the mouth Dmitry Kozak… He then said, they say, we might (!), React if Ukraine arranges an analogue of Srebrenitsa in Donbass (in itself a very dubious frame of analogies used by Putin – taking into account the fact that even in the UN we are voting against the mythologization of the “genocide in Srebrenica”).

Sorry, just recently Ukrainians captured an officer of the JCCC and a citizen of the Russian Federation Andrey Kosyak… Not only is the capture of a passport Russian citizen, it is a gross violation of all norms of military diplomacy. When at the end of 1944 in Budapest, either from a German or from a friendly (there is a confusing story) fire, a Soviet envoy died Ostapenko, the Wehrmacht command was forced to conduct an internal investigation – even by the standards of that ruthless total war, the crime against the parliamentarian was considered extremely reprehensible. And in the case of Kosyak, our Foreign Ministry reacted on the eighth day with a statement in the traditional style of “deep concern”.

You can once again sadly joke (and what kind of jokes are there) that Donbass residents, even with Russian passports, remain second-class citizens. But even with “first-class citizens” without any special consequences, anything happened, the list is wide, from Victor Bout to our ambassador to that country, maimed with impunity by the Qatari police. But when a couple of years ago, at the American airport, our deputy was briefly detained and interrogated Yumasheva from an elite family associated with the oil business, diplomacy and all branches of government immediately raised the boom of overwhelming volume. This is how it should be, for example, but the contrast is too sad.

You can also recall how Maria Zakharova called the complication of the procedure for entering the United States an act of genocide (!). In general, for full-scale military protection, Donbass residents must wait for the approach of an equally large-scale genocide of the present, and not like Zakharova’s with visas. But, interestingly, in this situation, the Russian Federation, for a number of reasons, would have been forced to somehow really react even without certification. So at the level of the fate of individual citizens and even their tens or hundreds, nothing has changed much.

– Unfortunately, we all listen very badly to what the officials tell us, – notes member of the political council of the Other Russia party E.V. Limonov “* Andrey Milyuk

– It’s even worse that we are trying to find in their words some subtexts and hidden meanings. So, we were shown once again that this should not be done: everything that comes to us from the Kremlin must be taken literally and not speculated on anything.

When Russia started distributing passports to the residents of the LPR, we decided that in this way our authorities were placing red flags – they would freeze the conflict in Donbass. You can’t do with the citizens of Russia what Ukraine is doing with the citizens of the unrecognized republics – this is the logic we meant. Usually, for this, passports are handed out to residents of disputed territories: to intervene with all the force of an angry state if the rights of newly acquired compatriots are violated. Let us recall Hungary and its work with the Rusyns of the Ukrainian Transcarpathia, as an example.

What the top officials of the state tell us about the distribution of passports to residents of the LPR: this is done for humanitarian reasons, because of the difficult economic situation in the region. That is, they simply issue a passport, and then turn around, as you know. There is no talk of any protection of compatriots. It turns out that from the positions taken by the Russian authorities, everyone who found themselves in the conflict zone is, as it were, to blame for this.

Ukraine is well aware of the weakness of this position, so it carefully probes the limits of what is permissible. And along the way, it expands these limits. “After all, you can’t fight them because of this,” as a typical Foreign Ministry official might exclaim in their hearts. And you will have to fight. Unfortunately, Ukraine can only be influenced by threats of direct military confrontation; there are no other levers of influence left. Otherwise, the provocations will continue. Especially in those periods when the population of Ukraine needs to be distracted from social problems in the country – now there is just another gas crisis.

“SP”: – What to expect next if Moscow does not answer?

– If Russia does not respond now to Ukraine’s actions, the next step will be “terms for Russian passports.” Formally, Ukraine cannot prosecute for entering Russian citizenship. However, it must be remembered that most of the inhabitants of the LPR received Russian passports using the passports of the people’s republics. Is it possible to give time limits for having a “terrorist” passport? Most likely, it is realistic to bring a legal basis, but the Ukrainian society itself is not yet ready for this. They will start with demonstration trials over “accomplices of terrorists” – some minor officials at the level of ZhEK employees. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will express a duty of concern, and the Ukrainian authorities will come up with some more dirty trick in response.

– What do we have in fact? In fact, Ukrainian militants took Russian citizens prisoner. As many as 37 people, peaceful and unarmed, emphasizes political consultant, media technologist Konstantin Dolgov

– What is being done now for their practical release? Competent persons can answer this question. However, in the public field, we have not yet observed anything except formal statements and declarations. “The actions of the Ukrainian side are alarming” – what is this anyway? It turns out that you can grab the citizens of Russia with impunity and you won’t get anything for it?

Ok, all this is happening outside the existing territory of the Russian Federation. But someone can answer the question – what is the difference between Russian outside Russia and the same Russian in Voronezh, Kostroma, Vladivostok? It turns out that there are different varieties of Russians? Some are protected (allegedly) by Iskander, while others can be taken prisoner, tortured, mocked, killed, finally? Or can he make a potential invader, murderer and murderer think a hundred times before encroaching on the life of a Russian citizen, even if the case is going on abroad?

“SP”: – How to do it?

– In my opinion, the answer is obvious. Enemies of Russia should suddenly be on the territory of Russia and call into the “Black Dolphin” for life. One such precedent – and that’s it, the disease, if not cured, then properly vaccinated. All the tools for this are there, you just need to give a command and specially trained people will bring the scoundrels to Moscow in sacks of potatoes. Then the trial, better public, with the press, including the international one, then the verdict and more – the uranium mines are waiting for new workers. So that any bastard knows: if you touch a citizen of Russia, you will shove it off so that mom does not grieve. But so far there is no such thing, everything that happens is some kind of political “cuckoldism”. Why, then, does Moscow even issue passports to the Russians of Donbass, if it is not going to protect its citizens?

* Organization “Other Russia E.V. Limonov “is not registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia

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