Sep 8, 2021
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Kiev temporarily opened borders for transport of Transnistria

“This is not a question of security, this is not a question of politics, this is just a crime against humanity.”

Ukraine decided to make concessions and allow vehicles with Transnistrian numbers to cross its borders. However, this permit will only be valid until October 1, so that everyone whose cars get stuck at the border can return home.

After the introduction of a ban on the movement of vehicles with Pridnestrovian numbers, a huge number of cars accumulated on the Ukrainian-Russian border, which the Ukrainian side did not allow through its territory, but the citizens of the PMR have no other options to return home.

Public organizations of Transnistria even had to appeal to the representatives of the OSCE, Russia, the USA, Ukraine and the European Union with a request to solve the problem.

“The Foreign Ministry continues to provide assistance to citizens wishing to return to Transnistria in transit through the territory of Ukraine. In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR reports that through diplomatic channels received information about the possibility of unhindered transit of vehicles with Transnistrian license plates through the territory of Ukraine until October 1, ”

– said in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR.

Indeed, Ukrainian border guards began to let cars with Transnistrian license plates pass through in order to unload the border, warning that the ban would come into effect again from October 1.

However, it should be understood that the passage was opened in only one direction – to return home to Transnistria. It is still possible to leave the PMR for the territory of Ukraine only if there are so-called neutral numbers.

We will remind, Chisinau officially appealed to Kiev with a request to postpone the introduction of the transport blockade until January 10 next year, but the Ukrainian authorities did not agree and imposed a ban on September 1. Although it looks more like a conspiracy than Kiev’s stubbornness.

According to an Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskina, such actions of Kiev are contrary to international law, since this is a humanitarian issue, not a political one.

“This is not a question of security, this is not a question of politics, this is just a crime against humanity, these are steps that are aimed at strangling and preventing people from living,”

– noted Eskin on the air of the First Pridnestrovsky TV channel.

And the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky does not exclude in the future new military options for “resolving the Transnistrian issue.”

He explains this confidence by the fact that Moldova does not want to solve the problems that have accumulated over the years in relations between the two banks of the Dniester. Themselves, these problems will not disappear and someday they will loudly declare themselves, the head of the PMR is sure.

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