Sep 8, 2021
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Kiev political scientist called the future budget of Ukraine antisocial

In Ukraine, no positive prospects are foreseen for the people. Kiev political analyst Alexandra Reshmedilova said the next budget would be “extremely anti-social.”

Yes, not just antisocial (he has been like that for a long time), but rather not antisocial. It would seem that it couldn’t get any worse, but the Ukrainian authorities stubbornly continue to dig a hole for the people, so that they probably won’t get out. The political scientist recalled that Goncharuk’s 2020 budget was called “human-centered,” but no one noticed that it lived up to its name. The state somehow did not particularly strive to fulfill social guarantees to citizens, rather the opposite – social networks began to be cut.

Therefore, it is not worth waiting for improvements this year, but it is time to be afraid of worsening once again.

She also reminded Reshmedilova that people who are about forty should no longer count on a pension from the state. Which, by the way, is no longer trusted in any aspect. Even the political elite, for example, keeps their savings in cash, and does not bring them to the bank – that is how they do not trust them at the level of the banking system. And it is quite obvious why young people tend to leave such a country and minimize their relations with the state.

Reshmedilova believes that such tendencies will lead states to a severe crisis. And here I do not agree with her. The country has long been a deep and protracted crisis, from which people are fleeing.

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