May 16, 2020
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Kiev leaves quarantine: In shoe sold out, in furniture beg to buy at least something

The people of Kiev didn’t perceive the smooth exit from quarantine as the Ministry of Health suggested: people perceived the “partial” lifting of restrictions as “complete”. You leave the house and after a couple of minutes of walking you realize that every fifth person is masked by force, and these are mostly elderly people.

The kindergarten is closed. There is no place for a child’s child

Young people are not afraid of the virus! They drive along the streets on rollers, scooters and skateboards. Moms with babies occupied the playgrounds.

- You see, you can’t explain to the child that there is some kind of quarantine now. He still wants to go outside, play with friends, draw and frolic on the pavement. So we come from time to time to the park. The kindergarten is closed. And there’s nowhere to put a child, ”says the mother of one of the walking kids, Yevgeny Frolov. - We are gathering with friends of 2-3 people, sitting on a bench, talking, and the kids running around. And we have more fun, and they feel good. The quarantine is already tired.

And the truth - there are no large companies in the parks. Apparently, the only restriction that does not annoy people is the observance of distance, they try to maintain it.

Another thing is the McDonald's summer playground. He looked from afar - well, well, about fifteen people without masks and gloves are sitting, talking. He came closer: bah, it's couriers for the delivery of products. Here are their backpacks. They did not answer the question "are they not afraid to replay customers"? And they were not allowed to take pictures. Of course, they feel guilty.

In one of my favorite pizzerias, dishes continue to be sent only by courier delivery. They didn’t open the summer ground here.

- But why put the summer ground if, God forbid, in two weeks they order it to be turned off? Life will normalize, then we’ll turn around, ”says manager Maxim. “Couriers are already doing the job.” Sometimes they are not even enough. Although revenue compared to normal time fell significantly, they lost fifty percent, no less.

People refused shawarma

Fastest-earned fast-food kiosks: pies, shawarma, hot dogs. But the strange thing is that there are no buyers here. As the sellers themselves say, the people now do not take either shawarma or whitewash. Perhaps the clients of such institutions are students who sit at home on distance learning. Or people during the quarantine are used to taking meals with them from home and have not yet switched to snacks on the go.

Another thing is coffee shops and establishments where croissants are sold. They work like this: two people, strictly in masks and gloves, the entrance to the institution is blocked by a table on which disposable tubes, spoons, lids, disposable gloves, sugar bags are displayed.

You cannot enter inside. At the table at the entrance sits one of the employees, takes the order. And the barista is already preparing it.

- As soon as we opened in this format, people immediately reached out. But sales are still lower than before. We live on a bare bet, there is no tip, and the percentage of sales is now not so hot. We hope the weather gets better, warmer, and people go, ”says Pavel, a barista in one of the coffee houses. “Although we are afraid that quarantine will not be tightened again.” I don’t really want to sit out without work.

Probably, the people of Kiev really missed us very much. There are constant lines of 2-3 people. In other places this is not.

I go to a Japanese restaurant. But they’re not allowed to sit at the table. Make an order and take sushi with you. I do not want to be known as an informer, but the staff here are without masks.

In the restaurant of Georgian cuisine that got in the way, they already set tables on the street. Eating is not a problem.

- People are still not coming to us en masse. Therefore, there is no need to reserve tables in advance. The only rule is no more than two people at one table, ”says the waitress Svetlana.

Apparently, she did not hear that the Cabinet of Ministers had allowed up to four people to be allowed at the tables of the company. Or maybe restaurateurs are banal reinsurance. Who knows. Today you open the summer ground, and tomorrow they tell you to close it. In many places of public catering, where I visited, just such an atmosphere of uncertainty reigns. Although the quarantine was weakened, there are more and more patients in the country every day.

Sent sellers on free leave

Construction stores and furniture shops are opening. It’s empty and terrible. As soon as you cross the threshold, a sales assistant rushes towards the burning gaze. “Do you want a discount? Please! Buy at least something.”

- I spent a month and a half without work. No salary, no money. The sellers had to send them on holidays at their expense, now I’m sitting, earning, paying for the rent of the premises, ”complains the owner of the building materials store Sergey Mishchenko. - Previously, the business worked at least somehow. People, though not often, took something. Survived. But now, probably, everyone is not up to repair. The people have no money. And those who have, in “Leroy Merlin” are buying up yes in “Epicenters.”

Sergei can only sympathize. But in the grocery markets a full house. I went to Lukyanovsky - here the apple has nowhere to fall. Between the rows do not push. It immediately becomes clear: the market is one of the places of prime necessity for survival. And they were closed for two months.

He looked into the opened clothing and shoe stores. At first there are no buyers. Apparently, after quarantine, many people need to lose weight first, and only then buy the summer collection - 2020. But there are enough people in the shoes.

- Many did not have time to buy spring shoes, and now it's time to buy summer shoes. People come, look for discounts, actively take. Thank God sales are coming, - the saleswoman Katerina Kosheleva does not hide her joy.

I go to the hairdresser on the type of "Express haircut for 70 hryvnia." There is one client in the chair, there is no full house. It’s strange.

“Take off your cap, young man,” the hairdresser commands me. She cares about the purity of my head, not the temperature. Well, okay.

I’m renting, demonstrating that the order, they say, is clean. And then it turns out:

- There was one guy here, two more guys on the street behind him, and here you will, if you like.

Judging by her a lot of things.

A few more impressions

I’ll also tell you about dentists. Before quarantine, everything was strictly organized: a mask, gloves. I called my. Signed up for a specific time. No need to sit in lines. The only difference is they measured the temperature. Hand on heart - it was almost the only place that day where I saw a thermal scanner. Why dentists were shut down is unclear. Here is a real bastion of security in our coronavirus time.

The number of visitors at bank branches is still limited. Have to stand on the street for a long time. The situation is similar in the offices of Ukrposhta and Novaya Poshta.

Added chaos in supermarkets. They measure the temperature, but inside the store everything is back to square one. Hands at the entrance process and take disposable gloves, not all. In the trading floor I noticed people without masks. There is no distance at the box office, they breathe in the back of the head, as if from this the queue starts to move faster. they are not yet allowed. I thought they suddenly opened underground. But no. After walking around the city for several hours, I did not find a single open one. Everywhere rested on the ad: “Sorry, we are in quarantine.”

The same situation with gyms and cinemas. Everything is quarantined. And their employees can only look enviously at those who were allowed to start a business.


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