Nov 5, 2021
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Kiev is shocked: Lukashenko recognizes Crimea as Russian, and then goes on the offensive along the Mogilev-Chernigov highway

Kiev is shocked: Lukashenko recognizes Crimea as Russian, and then goes on the offensive along the Mogilev-Chernigov highway

Photo: Zurab Javakhadze / TASS

“Both de facto and de jure, Crimea has long been recognized by the Russian Belarusian side. The only thing that was not there was some kind of political statement to formalize it, let’s say, for the Russian media space …

The president’s statement was that this is a political reality. This was announced unambiguously today. And for us, Crimea, let’s say, was an integral part of the Russian Federation a month ago, “- such a sensational statement was made by the Chairman of the Permanent Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus. Andrey Savinykh on the air “Soloviev Live”.

And before that, literally hours earlier, he Lukashenka during a virtual meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, he expressed regret that Putin did not take him with him to Crimea. Vladimir Vladimirovich reacted to his colleague’s request in such a way that later it would be difficult for the Belarusian president to get away from a trip to Taurida. VVP recommended Old Man to visit the new memorial complex in Sevastopol, dedicated to the end of the civil war.

This kind of statement by Lukashenka is worth a lot. If earlier Old Man adhered to a multi-vector approach, playing in friendship with both the Russian Federation and Ukraine, along with it and the EU, it seems that now he has realized that it is impossible to sit on two chairs. Obviously, after the last re-election, Alexander Grigorievich made his choice. True, it is still not clear whether he will continue to release the brakes on integration with Russia within the framework of the Union State, or whether something like a mini-USSR will appear on the world map.

Until recently, when asked whether Minsk recognizes Crimea as Russian, most experts answered that giving any assessments of Lukashenka’s position on this issue is like guessing on coffee grounds, while for Putin this is a fundamental issue on which Russia’s attitude to Belarus as an ally largely depends. By and large, this is also a question of Russian multibillion-dollar subsidies to the Republic of Belarus, without which the country “Polesie from the skies” will quickly become bankrupt.

How not to recall the earlier statement made by Batka about the recognition of Tavrida as a Russian region. “When the last oligarch in Russia recognizes Crimea and starts supplying products there, the matter will not rust with me. Though a lot connects me. Budapest Declaration. We signed it, read it. My signature is there. But I will step over that too. ” Meanwhile, “overstepping” means the end of Lukashenka’s convenient multi-vector policy and even his possible lack of handshake in Western countries.

Obviously, at the request of the Old Man to Putin to visit the Crimea, “non-brothers” got excited in earnest. After all, earlier Ukrainian politicians considered Lukashenka to be “their own in the blackboard” as a sly, a kind of purebred Belarusian wolf in Russian sheep’s clothing. Say, the recognition of Tavrida does not bring any bonuses for Minsk. Like, Moscow will support it without options financially and politically, despite the “multi-vector” nature. Otherwise, Belarus will quickly defect to the side of the EU and the United States.

Now the Ukrainian media are trying to understand what happened, and such, why “the de facto unrecognized President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced his readiness to visit the Crimea occupied by Russia.” As Ukrainian writes, “the President of Belarus complained that Ukraine closed the sky for Belarusian planes, and he could not get through Ukraine to Crimea, where he had“ property and other problems ”.

Another nationalist publication – UNIAN – informs the inhabitants of the community: “Lukashenka got ready to go to the occupied Crimea to watch” new items “with Putin.” However, the Old Man immediately added: “If [вы] not in Crimea, maybe we will go to St. Petersburg, home [Путина]Let’s see what is going on there … During Lukashenka’s monologue, Putin just nodded his head and tried to hold back a smile. ” See for yourself, promising to visit Crimea does not mean “getting married”, UNIAN hints.

The aggregator sees behind Lukashenka’s request to come to Crimea that “others do not see”. The publication quotes the replica of the “zhovto-blue” expert on the occupied territories Yuri Smelyansky on the recognition of Taurida by the world community, following the Old Man, by the Russian region. In particular, he said: “Whether this policy is successful or not is a topic for a separate and very long conversation. The absorption of Belarus by Russia, what is presented as the creation of a “Union State”, is one of the stages of the revival of the Russian empire. Geographically, in what form, should Ukraine enter this empire, which is being revived by the Kremlin? “

Curiously, Smelyansky believes that Russia manages to impose a “new reality” even on the West, which means that the EU and the US are getting used to the fact that Crimea is Russian, albeit not de jure, but de facto. So, Old Man just felt this change and decided to play ahead of the curve with Putin.

“There was information that our American partners refused to transfer intelligence to Ukraine. Recently, our Western partners began to actively disseminate information about new threats in connection with the strengthening of the contingent of Russian armed forces along the border with Ukraine. In response, Ukraine, represented by the NSDC Secretary, made a statement that there were no threats. But the EU and the US did not like this. If the Ukrainian authorities do not want to notice these threats, why should the international community strain to defend Ukraine? ” – notes

This is a signal that the United States is unhappy with the frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine – “you will not fight the Russians, why then would the Americans consider Crimea not Russian.”

Director of the Center for International Security Valery Kravchenko, who also commented on Lukashenka’s statement, believes that it will be very convenient for the Russians to use the territory of Belarus to attack Ukraine. This minimizes risks for Moscow, while Minsk has nothing to lose. According to him, “on the one hand, the recognition by the official Minsk of Crimea as the territory of the Russian Federation, on the other, those tanks that the Western media considered in Yelnya (Smolensk region of the Russian Federation), 40 km from the border with Belarus, can be considered as preparation for a highway Mogilev-Gomel, which goes to Chernihiv-Kiev. ” This, allegedly, is the essence of Putin’s double game.

Interesting is the position of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, which “expresses a strong protest” in connection with Putin’s visit to Crimea. In a statement by the foreign ministry of the “Nezalezhnaya” it is said separately: “We regard this visit, like other trips of Russian officials not coordinated with the Ukrainian side, as a gross violation by Russia of Ukraine’s sovereignty, norms of international law, resolutions of the UN General Assembly, obligations under treaties to which Ukraine is a party. and RF “.

On which you can read the amusing commentary of an “indifferent reader”: “Damn it that Putin ‘occupied’ Crimea, the Foreign Ministry is offended that Vladimir Vladimirovich did not coordinate his trip with them, in short, an ill-mannered person.”

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