Oct 7, 2021
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Kiev is ready to clean up the rubble of Russian-Ukrainian relations only with propaganda

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Ivan Nikolaev / TASS)

Ukraine constantly declares the desire of the president Vladimir Zelensky meet with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but, apparently, in Kiev they consider it possible only on their own terms. Russia is also not against such a summit, but so far they do not see the prerequisites for this, and Moscow clearly does not accept ultimatums.

Several months ago, Moscow presented Kiev with possible topics for discussion, which mainly relate to bilateral relations. There are 12 potential solutions on the list.

“The Kremlin believes that at the meeting it would be possible to agree on the restoration of full-fledged diplomatic relations and agree on the return of ambassadors to Moscow and Kiev, lift mutual trade and economic restrictions and lift sanctions against individuals and legal entities,” Kommersant writes with reference to an informed source in Russian government agencies.

It is also proposed to discuss the restoration of transport communication, supply and transit of gas, but so far Russia has not received an intelligible answer from Ukraine. But the press secretary of the Ukrainian leader spoke out Sergey Nikiforov:

“The President of Ukraine will be ready to discuss the agenda proposed by Moscow as soon as such fundamental issues as the occupation of a part of Ukrainian territory by Russia or the holding of Ukrainian citizens as hostages disappear from Ukrainian-Russian relations,” he told UNIAN.

According to him, Zelensky believes that a direct dialogue should be based on the fact that “Ukrainian and Russian societies consider it a priority, and this is the path to peace,” and only after that other issues can be discussed.

In general, the leaders of the two states have been unable to talk to the leaders of the two states either face to face or for four (there is also no specifics with the “Normandy summit”). Crimea, as has been stated more than once, Moscow does not intend to discuss in principle, and the conflict in Donbass invites Kiev to discuss primarily with representatives of the LPR and DPR. In the square, they want to talk with Russia about the peninsula and the republics. So the conversation does not work out. So what prevents Moscow and Kiev from agreeing on the agenda of the meeting?

– We are faced here with two fundamentally different approaches that have no points of contact, – believes Crimean political expert Vladimir Dzharalla. – On the part of Russia, this is a proposal to solve problems, discuss issues and find solutions, that is, responsible behavior and state thinking. On the part of Ukraine, we come across only topics related to propaganda, self-promotion, getting some kind of informational reasons. That is, we see a problem in front of us – the impossibility of meeting points of view.

“SP”: – What does the agenda proposed by Moscow say?

– The very list of topics speaks for itself. Russia proposes to start clearing the blockages in joint relations and try to reach at least the level that is even more necessary for Ukraine, given the economic situation it is in after the severing of all ties and suicidal policy in the economic sphere, which hits, first of all, on its own manufacturers.

We see nothing of the kind from the Ukrainian side. She only has a desire, which is constantly voiced, that Mr. Zelensky will meet, and now it has already been announced that they will be given Donbass for the punitive operation. And not much, not a little, an attempt on the territorial integrity of Russia, that is, raising the Crimean topic.

This approach is useless and senseless, moreover, the partners in the “Normandy process” perceive the situation in the same way – the French and German representatives, apparently, do not particularly insist on the meeting, since it is obvious that it will be pointless, and they have enough of their own internal problems.

Everyone has an established opinion: although they do not speak out loud, everyone understands that the problem is Ukraine’s behavior. At the same time, no one wants to take any serious steps to try to change this situation.

“SP”: – What must happen to make the meeting possible?

– Both the Russian side and President Putin answer this question with a question: “What is the purpose of this meeting? What will it be held for? ” As already mentioned, from Ukraine we see only propaganda steps, from Russia – business approaches, which are also adhered to by Western partners. What to discuss if there is no discussion?

I am afraid that such a meeting, of course, can happen, but it will happen under extraordinary circumstances. Simply put, a military conflict.

“SP”: – That is, Kiev can decide on serious military operations in the Donbass?

– This is where everything goes. The Ukrainian army is currently undergoing a series of exercises with NATO countries. This is pretty much a great repetition of the crises in Georgia and other countries, when, going through such exercises, they began to think that this meant that the NTO countries would begin to take on some obligations towards them. This is not so, but such a delusion nevertheless appears.

The second point is that the Ukrainian army at the moment is already militarily superior to the forces of the Donbass militia, and they will not be able to offer long resistance if the punitive operation begins. The only deterrent is the unequivocal support from Russia, which has repeatedly confirmed this. The lessons were taken into account, but the Ukrainian side still has hopes. We do not see any other points of contact.

Another point is the internal crisis in Ukraine. Now he is becoming even stronger, and even against the background of the fact that the one who was called a clown suddenly begins to show a very serious craving for lust for power and gradually cleans out all his competitors in order to secure undivided domination and election for the next term. In this case, an internal crisis may prompt them to make some changes, but the fact is that internal crises in Ukraine are always well prepared, especially with external participation. Now this is not observed, so this situation is unlikely.

“SP”: – That is, Kiev can decide to go to a serious conflict?

– Only if he is sure that Russia will not intervene. Or assume that Russia will not intervene. To do this, they need either some kind of guarantees, or, as was the case in previous crises, they misinterpret the ambassadors’ behavior or their words and believe that this gives them some kind of carte blanche.

Dmitry Danyuk, Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the RUDN University, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation sees a fundamental point in the fact that Vladimir Putin is not going to meet with the Ukrainian president, because Vladimir Zelensky is not a politician who does not fulfill his obligations:

– Not even promises, but obligations. The last meeting took place within the framework of the Normandy Four in Paris, and within its framework Zelensky said that he would fulfill the Minsk agreements. Later, he sent signals that he was interested in meeting Putin face to face, but the problem is that the goal setting of the two presidents is different.

It is important for Zelensky to show that he is ready to talk with Putin on an equal footing, to shape the agenda of the meeting. Our president says that it is not advisable to meet with a person who promises something at meetings and then fails to fulfill it, and even more so who tries to push issues that are not the subject of discussion, such as Crimea, Donbass, into the agenda. possible.

That is why there is no sense in the meeting, since the parties declared their irreconcilable positions. It is unacceptable for us that Kiev sabotages the Minsk agreements, that the laws and by-laws adopted by the Rada further infringe on the position of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine. On the part of Ukraine, it is very important to show that they will try on a bilateral basis to seek a reconsideration of the Kremlin’s attitude towards Crimea or Donbass, that is, recognition that we have occupied Crimea and that we are at war with Ukraine. Naturally, we will never do this, therefore, in my opinion, this is nothing more than a rather pathetic and inept attempt to show that Ukraine is moving in this direction, that Zelensky is not afraid to meet, although in fact Ukraine itself does not take any real steps for this. ready.

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