Apr 28, 2021
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Kiev hopes for a revolt of Russian oligarchs

In the photo: in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

In the photo: in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

Instead of coming to grips with solving internal problems, which are growing like a snowball from day to day, the politicians of the Square continue to puzzle over how to more abruptly annoy the accursed Muscovites. The new recipe for Kiev dreamers, for example, envisages bringing the oligarchs to power in Russia, who are assigned a key role in undermining our country.

This surprisingly fresh idea came to mind of the People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the presidential faction “Servant of the People” Pavel Frolov

“Putin will never surrender these Russian geopolitical imperial interests, where Ukraine is not in these interests. Either she is not at all, or she is not strong, but she is like a puppet … “– said the parliamentarian on the air of the local TV channel “Nash”.

Therefore, in his view, the only option is “To undermine this power in Russia, the power of Putin”so that an oligarchic opposition appears there, which does not want to lose from sanctions.

Frolov did not explain what Ukraine would achieve thereby. As, in fact, and who, in his opinion, can lay claim to the title of the oligarchic opposition in Russia. And who should be entrusted with such a responsible mission – bringing this opposition to power.

However, it is not difficult to guess what exactly we are talking about – they are trying to impose on us a political model of Ukraine itself, where there are more than enough oligarchs.

One of them is the ex-president Petro Poroshenko, who during his five-year reign so successfully increased his personal capital that by the end of his presidential term he became one of the richest people in the country. And the most hated politician for many Ukrainians.

The current Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, whose political force Mr. Frolov represents in the Verkhovna Rada, also owes much to the oligarchs. Specifically – Igor Kolomoisky, who for a long time was the benefactor of the artist Zelensky, and then financed his presidential election campaign. Of course, the businessman hoped to later “recoup” his investments and even multiply them, but the American masters immediately laid claim to Zelensky the president, who established strict external control over Ukraine.

– The recipe offered by the Ukrainian figure is not new, – comments on the chances of success for the rogue Russia Head of the Expert Council of the Strategic Development Fund, political scientist Igor Shatrov… “The West has been trying to use this recipe for the last decade. Indeed, by and large, a significant part of the sanctions imposed against our country are aimed precisely at turning rich people against the authorities. According to Ukrainian habit, the deputy calls them oligarchs in this case.

The oligarch is still something else. This is a person who, thanks to his capital, actually merges with the power, manipulates and controls it.

This political model is traditional not only for today’s Ukraine. The same is happening in the United States, and in general in most advanced capitalist countries.

By and large, these states are ruled by capital.

We saw this in the example of a four-year bullying. Change: how certain oligarchic groupings, merged with a certain part of political parties, tried to survive the Republican president, who was a rich man himself, but not built into the system of this government.

So the oligarchic form of government is common for capitalism.

“SP”: – But in the 90s, wasn’t it the same? Suffice it to recall the emergence of the term “seven bankers” …

– You can say so. At that time, we copied to some extent all the management models that were adopted in the West. And there was such an idea that rich people who do not need to earn a living can work in the interests of the state, spend their energy and funds on the development of society. To represent primarily state interests.

It turned out to be wrong. In fact, capital always strives to increase itself. Any corporation wants to take a monopoly position in the market. And, in general, the state should restrain all these claims to both power and business on the part of rich people.

Not in vain Putin spoke about the need to nationalize the elites. He had in mind the need to create such conditions for the economic elites – i.e. the richest people – worked for the country and in the interests of the country. We kept money in Russian banks and invested it in the development of Russia.

And by and large now, in general, all respectable businessmen are trying to keep their capital in Russia and invest in Russia. For this we have created free economic zones. For this, in fact, internal offshores have been created where you can place your capital and your business in a tax-free manner.

I mean, the Ukrainian deputy is far from being original in terms of threats. He simply repeated what the Americans are doing when they impose sanctions on large Russian companies and their owners, which they call oligarchs.

So far, the effect is zero. But in the future, I do not think that these attempts – they will, of course, continue – will bring results.

It seems to me that our business elites already understand that no one is waiting for them there. And the thirty pieces of silver that they will be paid in the West are incomparable with how their work will be evaluated in Russia. Therefore, many are now striving to work in the interests of the country.

“SP”: – Yes, only in the statement of the Ukrainian parliamentarian we are talking about some “oligarchic opposition”, which he wants to involve for the collapse of Russia …

– Former big businessmen who are dissatisfied with the government are sitting in London or some other capitals. But by “oligarchic opposition” he does not mean them at all, but potential opposition.

After all, this pressure is calculated on the fact that people with money will turn their backs on the Kremlin, because it will not be able to protect them. And they will make a coup here – they will become the business that sponsors the revolution.

So, it seems to me what he means by “oligarchic opposition” – this Ukrainian leader.

But, we see that the government seeks to support ordinary citizens in this difficult period of sanctions and covid restrictions. But business, too, does not abandon it to the mercy of fate; it finds forms and opportunities so that it maintains its position and does not lose capital.

Therefore, it will not be possible to create an opposition. The Ukrainian deputy was late with his statements.

Putin seized the initiative. In the middle of the 2000s, he equally removed the oligarchs from power and forced the oil companies to pay taxes to the budget. Indeed, in recent years there has been active pressure on big Russian business from the West, primarily the United States, and everyone is waiting to see who breaks first – the authorities or entrepreneurs.

It is clear that there is an opinion that a drop wears away a stone. But it seems to me that all of our people have already adapted to live under the sanctions. Secondly, they see that these sanctions are not just directed against Putin and Russia, but against everyone who disagrees with US policy. And China suffers from this, and any other country.

Rather, business will begin to create some kind of protective mechanisms on its own in order to eventually overcome this American pressure. Get away from dollar dependence. Because it bothers them themselves.

“SP”: – What?

– They understand that if they go over to American jurisdiction, then the freedoms that they have in the Russian Federation will definitely come to an end.

So, this option is unsuccessful for staggering. And in general, it is rather strange to hear such things from a politician whose country is run not just by local oligarchs, but these local oligarchs are also controlled from abroad.

But, alas, for them it is already natural. Because a big business of this kind that sells its country, it naturally integrates into the international distribution system. Accordingly, he no longer acts in the interests of his country, but in the interests of international capital. What we see on the example of Ukraine.

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