Nov 4, 2021
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Kiev has developed plans for a “counteroffensive” in the event of a war with the Russian Federation – Arestovich

Kiev, together with foreign partners, has developed plans for a “counteroffensive” in certain areas in the event of a full-scale conflict with Russia. The press secretary of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbass Oleksiy Arestovich said this during a broadcast on the Ukraine24 TV channel.

He said that the development of plans was carried out back in April. Arestovich believes that the country’s servicemen are ready for any of the nine scenarios of possible events in the event of a “Russian attack”.

Also, Arestovich expressed the opinion that “war is a lucky business,” and the development of the situation depends on “how the card will fall.”

Earlier, the Ukrainian Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko threatened Russia with a “blood bath” in the event of the outbreak of hostilities. In response to this, State Duma Deputy Dmitry Belik said that this bravado smelled like mothballs, and the Ukrainian military should follow the example of the Americans, who “soberly assess the military power of Russia.”

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