Sep 2, 2021
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Kiev fantasies: Who dies before – donkey or padishah?

Kiev fantasies: Who dies before - donkey or padishah?

Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS

It is unrealistic to return Crimea by military means, but it is possible to create conditions under which the Crimeans themselves want to return to Ukraine. This assumption was made on the air of the NASH TV channel by the former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Alexander Chaly

According to him, Western countries are gradually abandoning the first “absolutely confrontational” strategy, by analogy with the ancient Roman history, called “Carthage must be destroyed” by the diplomat, because of its ineffectiveness. This plan, as Chaly specified, could lead to the “collapse of Russia” and play into the hands of the Ukrainian side.

“Today it is obvious that this strategy has come to its logical end, it is being rebuilt for two reasons: the West turned out to be incapable, and Russia turned out to be more stable “– he noted, adding that Kiev cannot “agree on the Crimea” because of the principled position of Moscow on the issue of the peninsula. However, in his opinion, the situation can be changed by “the successes of Ukraine”.

“Or we will create such a successful Ukrainian state that all regions of Russia will want to join Ukraine.”, – the diplomat emphasized, without specifying, however, exactly how this scenario will be implemented in practice.

Well, one thing can be said with certainty: it is good that the Ukrainian politicians have finally realized that they will not be able to “return” Crimea by military means, and the West is not an assistant in this.

But the “second scenario” voiced by Chalym clearly makes it clear that Kiev does not abandon the hope of “returning” Crimea and is not yet ready for an adequate assessment of the situation. It’s funny. How can Ukraine become a more successful state than Russia under the current government? And even if we hypothetically assume what will happen? What, Nazism and all those, by no means socio-economic reasons, which forced the Crimeans to secede, will immediately disappear there?

– The achievement is not that Ukraine does not believe in the possibility of “returning Crimea by military means,” says editor-in-chief of the FORUM portal. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov. – And the fact that today no one in the world is interested in what Ukrainian politicians say. A kind of achievement.

But the collapse of Russia, by the way, is possible. But the world’s major players don’t want that. With difficulty, the collapse of the USSR was transferred.

“SP”: – Is the “creation of a successful Ukrainian state” possible? What does Roan mean by this? Can a poor colony with a collapsed economy become a successful state?

– Of course not. You just have to say something, to strive for something. The resurrection of the dead has privatized the church, the world superpower is not doing something … Well, we decided to talk about a successful state, where incomes are the lowest in Europe.

“SP”: – At the same time, Chaly speaks not only about Crimea, but about all regions of Russia. Well, theoretically, if you imagine the impossible – Ukraine has become a successful state – would there be regions willing to join it?

– We have really successful states along our borders. But so far no one joins either Japan or Finland …

“SP”: – We must agree that things are not very good in Russia either, but degradation is clearly slower than in Ukraine. And we, too, constantly predict the “collapse” of Ukraine, but somehow it does not fall apart. It turns out that our experts are often on a par with the Ukrainian ones?

– In Ukraine, the process of collapse is in full swing. It’s just that this process is not fast. So far, Ukraine has lost four regions. Let’s wait …

“SP”: – How long will this dance around the Crimea last in Ukraine? Will they realize that Crimea is gone forever? Or are they perfectly aware now, but cannot say it out loud?

– And where to go? So it will be gunning about Crimea for 50 or 100 years. In response, you can start gunning about Odessa and Kharkov. Much more productive, by the way, than all the time to defend their rights to Crimea. Like, Kharkov is a Russian city …

– This Roan is carrying an open blizzard, but he does it deliberately – I am convinced political scientist, chairman of the Crimean regional public organization “Center for Political Education” Ivan Mezyukho. – I refuse to believe that a person can make such statements sincerely and seriously. After all, a former diplomat …

“SP”: – Well, at least they admit that they will not be able to “recapture” the Crimea and the West will not agree to it. Progress?

– This is a forced confession. From the same series when the Crimean bridge was being built: Ukrainian experts said that it would not be built, and now they say that this bridge belongs to Ukraine.

“SP”: – What about Chaly’s idea to create a successful Ukrainian state, to which the regions of Russia would like to join. Is it hypothetically realistic under the current government?

– Ukraine can be successful in an alliance with Russia and in revising its domestic and foreign policies. In the current state of affairs, this is unrealistic. The state continues to degrade.

“SP”: – It is obvious that such a state will not be built. But the collapse of Ukraine, which we have been predicted for many years, is not happening. Why? Will Ukraine eventually hold on to its current territory?

– I am convinced that the process of the collapse of the Ukrainian statehood has not been abandoned. Ukraine can self-destruct at any moment, like a house of cards. The footage from the Kabul airport can be checked in the Ukrainian Boryspil.

“SP”: – How long will Kiev still develop “plans for the return of Crimea”? Does anyone else believe in this in Ukraine? Do such statements harm the internal authority of politicians? People understand that they are talking nonsense …

– People want to be in the political mainstream. Anti-Russian statements for these politicians are an opportunity to get hype. However, in my opinion, Ukrainians are less and less interested in Russia, they are alarmed by the plans for the future of their country, and there are no real positive scenarios for the development of Ukraine yet.

– The Ukrainian and Russian Foreign Ministry suffer from impotence, but the European Union is to blame for this, – believes member of the political council of the Other Russia party E.V. Limonov “* Andrey Milyuk. – The new Ukrainian authorities made their main mistake in 2014. Crimea was just becoming part of Russia, and they had a chance to fight for the peninsula, even if by force. To find all over the country some morally undecomposed remnants of the troops, to persuade someone, to bribe someone – to try to bring in the army and disrupt the referendum. It is clear that there was no chance of winning, but it was worth at least trying. What a powerful foundation would be for building a new nation, what a national myth. Well, you wouldn’t have to fight off a well-deserved reproach from the allied countries: why should we fight for your independence instead of you?

The Ukrainian authorities compensated for the lack of fortitude with hysterical anti-Russian rhetoric in order to somehow justify themselves in the eyes of voters. Hence the insane forecasts of the first years of post-Maidan Ukraine about the imminent collapse of Russia, the economic crisis, the extinction of Crimea from drought, the collapse of the Crimean bridge, and so on and so forth. When the passions subsided, the time came for more balanced assessments. And a more thoughtful, systemic Russophobia – in case someone decided that the Ukrainian authorities are ready to change the vector of their policy.

The main purpose of Ukraine’s existence is to be anti-Russia: to constantly irritate the Kremlin, to pull off the resources of the “aggressor”, to be the closest springboard for everything anti-Russian, the center of resistance is not To Putin and his regime, but Russia as such. The collective West is ready to support the existence of the Ukrainian state, but only at the level necessary to accomplish this task. Therefore, there will be no economic breakthrough in Ukraine in principle, and the European Union will continue to trade with Russia and even bargain with Ukrainian interests.

The Russian authorities should not blame the West exclusively for this situation. In the same 2014, the Kremlin had a chance, many different chances to resolve the Ukrainian issue: from returning to Kiev on Russian bayonets Yanukovych before the collapse of Ukraine into separate states and the annexation of the regions of “Great Novorossia” to Russia.

With the same fury that their brothers-in-arms on the other side of the Ukrainian border, the Kremlin propagandists shouted about the threat of the Third World War, that “We need all of Ukraine”, “Yes, she will fall apart in a couple of years” and so on, and so on. Now they partly admit that the opportunities of 2014 are long missed.

The Ukrainian question can only be resolved by some bold, paradoxical actions, not at all in the spirit of Lavrov’s diplomacy. Otherwise, we will have to listen to dismal Ukrainian analysts about the imminent revival of anti-Russia.

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