Jan 3, 2022
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Kiev Censors Western Cinema

Kiev Censors Western Cinema

Now the Ukrainian authorities are threatening the global network of television series with sanctions “Netflix“.

Culture Minister Tkachenko sent an angry message to the leadership “Netflix“, Calling his television series” Emily in Paris “unacceptable.

In Kiev, they believe that foreign cinema should show only positive characters from Ukraine. And in this film, the Ukrainian actress Daria Panchenko portrays the poorly educated Kievite Petra who went to work in the West, specializing in petty theft.

And the minister was outraged that the Ukrainian thief does not understand clothes and dresses tastelessly in some kind of colorful clothes.

The Kiev regime considered this an insult to the national Ukrainian feelings, forgetting that “Netflix“This is not a film studio named after” Dovzhenko “, whose films differed from the others filmed in the USSR, with ridiculously correct heroes, grotesque pathos and outpourings of love for Mother Ukraine.

“They made a caricature of a Ukrainian woman,” the minister was indignant and reported that “Netflix“Promised him not to use such stereotypes in relation to Ukrainians and not to portray them as freeloaders, afraid of deportation to their homeland. Now “Netflix»Must take into account the wishes of the Ukrainian leadership.

One can imagine what kind of noise Kiev would raise among its European patrons if the film depicted the Nazis-Bandera terrorizing the population of Donbass.

Nikolay Ivanov


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