May 1, 2021
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Kiev "arrived" Responsible for the shelling of Gorlovka

On Saturday, the Ukrainian security forces unleashed a flurry of fire on the DPR, but the aggression did not pass without a trace for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kiev has already received a response for the shelling of Gorlovka.

This was reported by the war correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Dmitry Steshin, with reference to a local resident Elena Lavrova, who lives on the outskirts of Gorlovka.

Elena Lavrova writes that Gorlovka just responded with artillery. Writes: “I almost went deaf.” I believe her observations as if they were mine, – the journalist notes in Telegram.

Screenshot: Telegram / Russian tarantas

As the Donetsk news agency reports, the Ukrainian army fired 82-mm mortars on the outskirts of Horlivka on Saturday. A total of 10 mines were fired. The attack hit the outskirts of the village of the Gagarin mine in the north-west of Gorlovka.

Recall that Ukraine in the past two months has begun to actively pull heavy weapons into the Donbass and has increased the intensity of shelling. This is a violation not only of the Minsk agreements, which prohibit shooting, but also a package of measures signed by Kiev to strengthen control over the ceasefire regime. This bill prohibits the use of any type of weapon, the pulling of military equipment, the implementation of drone flights, engineering work and sabotage.

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