Apr 3, 2021
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“Khudozhestvenny” will open after the restoration with the screening of the film “Father”

The Khudozhestvenny Cinema, which has been restored since 2014, will open to viewers on 9 April. The film “Father” by director Florian Zeller will be shown, this is the premiere in Russia.

The movie is played by Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman. He will open the Oscar-nominated films program. It will end on April 22.

Tickets can be bought from April 5, their cost starts at 290 rubles, reported in the press service of “Sberbank”, which will own the cinema.

There are now four halls in Khudozhestvennoye. In particular, one big one, where 474 spectators can suddenly perch. Two small ones, each with 46 seats. There is also a chamber hall for 21 guests.

Each of them is equipped with the most modern equipment, however, Khudozhestvenny is planning to show film films as well.

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