Sep 19, 2022
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Khodarenok revealed the characteristics of Iranian drones

More and more information appears in the Ukrainian media and social networks that Iranian drones and loitering ammunition have begun to meet in the special military operation zone. They write that Iranian drones Shahed 136 (“Geran-2”) have become a real headache for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Military expert Mikhail Khodarenok spoke about the combat characteristics of these devices.

Actually, so far neither the Russian nor the Iranian side has officially confirmed the fact of deliveries of Iranian drones to Russia.

At the same time, the American media claim that there was allegedly a deal for the supply of drones between Moscow and Tehran.

Experts do not exclude the appearance of Iranian drones in the Russian army. Why not? After all, Russia bought drones from Israel not so long ago and even organized their licensed production. True, then I had to unwillingly completely “import replace” all foreign components on them. Now it is a Russified apparatus “Forpost-R”.

Mikhail Khodarenok spoke about the capabilities of the Iranian Shahed 136 devices on the social network. According to him, the range of these drones declared by the Iranians is 2,500 kilometers. “But even if we assume that in reality it is two to three times lower, this is still an excellent result,” the expert noted.

It is hard to disagree, given that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling the DPR, LPR, Kherson, using Western weapons with a range of 120-170 km. These installations are completely within the Shahed 136’s kill zone.

Khodarenok recalled that Iran has successfully used drones in Yemen. This experience was studied by Russian specialists.

The drone is equipped with the MD-550 engine, which can be purchased on the world market, bypassing the sanctions. It provides speed up to 150 km/h. According to this indicator, the “Iranian” bypassed the Turkish “Bayraktar” by 20 km / h, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine are so proud of.

The working height of the drone is 7500 meters. At such a height, portable anti-aircraft missile systems cannot work on it.

The Shahed 136 is heavily armed with 4 or 8 guided missiles, depending on the caliber. If necessary, it can be equipped with a self-destruction device and, having shot the entire ammunition load, is able to collapse on the target, hitting it with a fiery ramming blow.

Khodarenok appreciated the photos of equipment hit by drones presented in the Ukrainian media. “Judging by the fact that practically nothing remains of Ukrainian equipment after a meeting with a drone missile, one can argue about a good high-explosive-cumulative missile,” he concluded.

According to him, the fact that the Russian Armed Forces “presumably have thousands of such drones is a good sign.”

Now, according to him, it is possible to massively hunt for the weapons that the West has supplied to Ukraine – American HIMARS rocket systems, French Caesar and Dana self-propelled guns, American M777 howitzers, “regardless of the expense of equipment and without fear of losing people.”

“For the finishing touch of a special military operation and the fulfillment of all tasks, this was very lacking,” the expert concluded.

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