Sep 19, 2022
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Kherson under fire

Bandera underground intensified in the city

Autumn gradually brings coolness, and in the liberated Kherson it is getting hotter.

Increasingly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are striking at city streets and objects. On September 15, a family fell victim to the shelling – a father, mother and two children who were walking in the evening.

On September 16, the regional administration was attacked at the moment when a meeting of the heads of districts and regional departments was taking place there.

Most of the released Hymars were shot down by air defense, but there are four dead – the driver of the head of one of the departments and three passers-by. Several other people are in critical condition. On September 18, the missile strike was repeated, but the only missile that could not be intercepted missed the target.

The Bandera underground became more active in the city. On September 12, there was an assassination attempt (detonation of an explosive device in the entrance) on the rector of Kherson State University (KSU) Tatyana Tomilina. The woman was injured, her bodyguard died.

And on the evening of September 17, the city was agitated by a shootout with a “group of unidentified persons” (?) near the railway station.

The offensive is also developing in the virtual space. On September 13, Ukrainian publics began to disperse another “peremoga”: “according to ISW (American Institute for the Study of War), the invaders retreated from the strategically important village of Kiselevka (a village on the Kherson-Nikolaev highway), which shifts the front line almost close to Chernobaevka and Kherson”.

The next day, the capture of Kiselevka was “confirmed” by the head of the Kherson “regional council in exile” Sobolevsky. However, the deputy head of the Kherson regional administration, Kirill Stremousov, and Russian journalists posted reports from Kiselevka, showing that the village was under the confident control of Russian troops (ISW later stated that “does not have objective data on the capture of Kiselevka”).

The reference to the American source was for greater persuasiveness: the layman still thinks that “there” they will not lie. And there they lie desperately, recklessly! The fakes that the Russian military are asking to be released back across the Dnieper, etc., are being intensively dispersed. When the shootout started on September 17, Ukrainian TG channels, referring to “readers”, began to report that fighting was going on throughout the northern outskirts of the city, giving the impression that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had broken into Kherson. Everything calmed down quickly enough, but a large charge of media “nixie” was released. For his sake, the Ukrainian side even donated one of the remaining SBU cells in the city, which has now been neutralized.

According to the military, the same tactics are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and at the front line – almost daily attacks by small forces with zero results and losses among the attackers, but the media picture of the “offensive” on Kherson is constantly reproduced. The main task is to sow panic, completely disorganize everyday life, so that the liberated Kherson region does not become an example for the rest of Ukraine.

People have practically ceased to be afraid that “Ukraine will return”, they get jobs in institutions associated with the new government, take their children to schools, etc. The increase in attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have reversed this trend. Especially blows to the regional administration, on the work of which the supply of light, water, gas, heating to the houses of Kherson residents, the operation of communications and the Internet, public transport, and garbage collection depend. It depends on the employees of the administration that, with constant strikes on crossings, there are no problems with food and essentials in the city, that gas stations have gasoline, pharmacies and medical institutions have the necessary set of medicines so that the medical institutions themselves work. Finally, the current government ensures the payment of assistance, without which many Kherson residents would not have survived.

The Kyiv regime is doing its best to make life in Kherson unbearable. It gets tragicomic. Now every caller from the liberated areas to the numbers of Ukrainian operators is sent by a Ukrainian robot with three letters. Many do not have fixed Internet: providers, whose head offices are located in Kyiv, stopped working and did everything to make it impossible to restore the networks for as long as possible.

For Kyiv, a resident of the “occupied” territories should not only use mobile communications, but also not work, send their children to school, and not receive medical care. Against doctors who are engaged in treatment, criminal cases are initiated in Ukraine for “collaborationism”.

At the same time, illusions about the mood in Kherson in Kyiv dissipated when, in Izyum, occupied by Ukrainians, it was not possible to organize scenes of jubilation of local residents meeting the “liberators”. Even for Zelensky, they could not find “grateful citizens” – his visit to Izyum was limited to an obligatory selfie with the Ukrainian military.

Now liberated Kherson has passed for Kyiv “to the status” of Donetsk, has become an enemy city. They will try to intimidate its inhabitants in every possible way. Kherson will stand, but every Kherson citizen is perplexed by the question: when will the Russian military finally put an end to this?

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