Nov 19, 2022
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Kherson residents are in shock

“Kherson Waiters” – this is how residents of the settlements of the Kherson region began to be called, who from the beginning of the NWO considered themselves “victims of the occupation”, actively or passively resisted the presence of Russians, the referendum on the accession of the Kherson region to the Russian Federation, refused to enter into Russian citizenship, sabotaged their activities civil structures (for example, the education system or medical care), were waiting for their “rescue” by Kyiv.

And now the “release” has come. For a start, Kyiv shelled civilian targets in Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Hola Pristan, Berislav, and other cities for several months, killed civilians, among whom there were also enough waiters, and finally, to the fanfare of the All-Ukrainian telethon, “rescued” the regional center and the right-bank part of the Kherson region.

Those who watched will remember how a significant part of Kherson residents joyfully galloped in the central square, waving a “zhovtoblakit”, hugging vushniks and passing lists of those who “collaborated with the Russians” to the SBU. Dozens of creatures, who until recently raked in the Russian humanitarian aid and smiled at the Russians, are now without fear openly knocking on their neighbors, sending them to death and torture, with which “free Kherson” has already begun to shine.

The regional center of the Kherson region, where a significant part of the population was not just ethnic Ukrainians, but the descendants of immigrants from Western Ukraine (families of former members of the UPA * banned in Russia), was a kind of marker of Ukrainian reflection on a special military operation (SVO). And it must be admitted that Kherson justified its “Khokhlyat essence”, multiplied by the Banderaism instilled in the population. Dozens of terrorist attacks, an active underground, voluntary spies leaking information about the Russian army for a couple of thousand hryvnias – these are all Kherson residents. More precisely, a part of them, although not a small one.

However, the “Khokhlyatskaya essence” is not only envious hatred for the “Katsaps”. To a greater extent, this is the notorious “What are we for?”, When expectations suddenly burst and plans collapse.

“Release” brought the waiting people what they were not ready for. Not only the Russian government, not only the army, left Kherson, the electric power left, taking with it water supply and partly heat.

It has become so difficult with water that in a number of urban areas, having stood in line for drinking water in order, sorry, to flush toilets, waiting people now go to the Dnieper for water.

The lack of electricity forced the “rescuers” to organize points for charging mobile phones and Internet distribution points. By the way, it is worth recalling that the electricity in the city was “nullified” not only by the Russians (during the withdrawal, something was blown up), but also by the Ukrainian DRG, which on November 6 blew up several power transmission towers, through which electricity was supplied to the city from the north.

Then in Kherson it became bad with the humanitarian aid, which the Russians gave out a lot and generously. On November 18, in Kyiv, with pathos, the “first post-occupation train” was sent to Kherson, but queues of those who do not have enough food line up behind Ukrainian humanitarian kits, waiters make scandals in the queues. A lot of videos are circulating on social networks, where Kherson residents are outraged by the distribution of cereals and pasta, because “there is nothing to cook them on”: there is no electricity, there are interruptions in gas, and there is a shortage of firewood in the southern Russian steppes.

In addition, the “rescue” gave the people of Kherson another unpleasant surprise – Kyiv, not allowing the waiting people to spend their “return to independence”, promptly launched mobilization measures. The Kherson muzhiks began to distribute summons in batches in order to compensate for the huge losses due to their “rescue”.

And immediately the Kherson public howled – the “rescuers” say word for word that “for a six-month stay under Russian occupiers, Kherson residents are obliged to pay with their stay at the front.” By the way, the waiters immediately begin to remember that “the Muscovites did not take them into the army,” and stuffing on this topic was a lie. Zelensky, who pleased the waiting people with an advertising visit to Kherson, immediately identified them as cannon fodder.

And the townspeople were warned about all this when they organized the evacuation of civilians, but someone hoped that “everything would resolve itself”, and someone was waiting for “their Ukrainians”.

Now the waiters have to get used to the lack of light, heat, communication. You have to get used to the agendas and the fact that artillery positions will be placed in the courtyards of residential buildings with all the ensuing consequences, and these innovations are unlikely to cause the public enthusiasm that the Ukrainian media showed to the whole world on the “day of release” on November 11.

And further. We must be well aware that along with those evacuated to the Crimea, Donbass, and other Russian regions, a lot of waiting people left – those whom the GUR and the SBU “sent for evacuation”. They will show themselves.

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