Apr 28, 2022
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Kharkiv is preparing to shoot at Russia with “gifts from Nuland”

Kharkov is preparing to shoot at Russia with "Nuland gifts"

Photo: ZUMA Press / Global Look Press

The “patriotic” telegram channels of the “square” have been circulating for several days the possible news that a US operational-tactical complex with ballistic missiles has arrived in Kharkov. They say that we are talking about the MGM-140 ATACMS tactical army missile system.

This complex is based on serial multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) since the late 80s. manufactured by Lockheed Martin. It is intended for point targets, such as command posts, missile launchers, air defense facilities, communications centers, fuel depots located deep in the enemy defenses. They were first used in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf. Later they were actively used by the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What exactly reached Kharkov, however, is not known for certain. But earlier, the Ukrainian media reported that American MLRS began to arrive in the country, the deliveries of which were confirmed last week by the US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. At the same time, she said that Washington is now working with NATO allies to get Kyiv even more rocket systems.

The number of “gifts” allegedly already delivered to Ukraine is not reported. At the same time, the local media write exclusively about the so-called “Haymars” – M142 HIMARS. This American combat vehicle is capable of carrying six MLRS rockets or one ATACMS operational-tactical ballistic missile. That is, it can be used not only as a multiple launch rocket system, but also as an operational-tactical missile system. Although its range is not great – up to 260 km.

There is reason to believe that just such a complex inspired so much Ukrainian “patriot” bloggers. And now they claim that this long-range weaponry (the Armed Forces allegedly had nothing like this before) will allow Ukraine to strike at vast distances – read, on Russian territory.

Nothing surprising. After all, we recall that the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain James Hippie the other day, on the air of Times Radio, he actually “blessed” Kyiv for such actions, saying that he has the right to use weapons supplied by Western countries to strike at Russian territory. Moreover, he promised not only to support with a word, but also to transfer high-tech British Brimstone class missiles to Ukraine by May 10.

According to Hippy, “Ukraine recently requested long-range missiles to hit ground targets, and the government was looking into whether stocks of Brimstone could be used for that purpose.”

Apparently they thought they could. Therefore, we decided to hurry up, “shifting the delivery dates forward.”

Meanwhile, on Monday, April 25, the head of the British military department Ben Wallacespeaking in parliament, he argued that at the moment there was no talk of sending Harpoon anti-ship missiles or Brimstone missiles to Ukraine.

According to reports, back in 2020, Kyiv requested from London a naval version of the Brimstone to arm its Navy, and the British agreed to develop and supply it. However, now we are talking about a variant of a missile for hitting ground targets – this also exists. In 2019, rocket developer MBDA consortium tested a ground-based version of the Brimstone by launching rockets from a jeep-based mobile launcher.

So far, it is definitely impossible to say that out of all this flying variety, the “square” will fall (or has already fallen). However, it is clear that the US and Britain are doing everything to bring the conflict between Ukraine and Russia to a new level.

To comment on the situation, “SP” asked TASS military observer, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin:

– First you need to find out whether such a missile system was really brought to Ukraine or not. Because if this is so, then, probably, our military already knows about it, and, of course, they will be hit.

We remember the S-300 complexes that Bratislava handed over to Ukraine: one division was sent to Dnepropetrovsk, the other – near Nikolai. Both were destroyed the next day.

Therefore, if the Americans put something like that, all this will also eventually be “calibrated”.

At the same time, I do not rule out that these are just rumors – such a kind of informational and psychological attack. Ukrainian comrades like to catch up with fear, they think that we will all rush about in a panic here.

“SP”: – And if – not rumors …

– Let’s admit it. But you understand that someone has to serve such a complex, it will not shoot itself. That is, there must be people who are trained to operate this technique. Which, I must say, requires serious mathematical knowledge – you need to be able to calculate the coordinates of the target being struck, the coordinates of the point where you are, take into account the weather, wind direction etc. There are a lot of extras in order to launch a rocket.

When we fire Iskander missiles, there is also a lot to know. But these data are collected automatically on the computers of the complex, where they are processed and then entered into the rocket flight program. We do not know if the systems allegedly handed over to Ukraine by the Americans have such software. But in any case, this technique is unfamiliar to Ukrainians, and they will have to master a lot of things there. And this is time.

“SP”: – We, probably, should also be ready to some extent?

— I think that after the attacks from the Ukrainian side on our border territories, all these threats are taken into account. And there are already placed “Shells”, “Tors”, as well as “Buk-M3” and “Buk-M2”. We will closely monitor the situation and monitor all deliveries of weapons to Ukraine in order to destroy these weapons. And if their missiles fly in our direction, they will also be shot down. We are already intercepting Tochka-U and even Gradov missiles. And American HIMARS are no better in this sense, their missiles are also intercepted and destroyed by our air defense system.

“SP”: – How, in this case, can be dangerous for us the British Brimstone, which London promises to deliver to Kyiv in the first days of May?

– Any weapon, it is dangerous because it can kill. The question is how they can deliver all this to Ukraine. It is impossible to do this by planes – the airfields there have been destroyed. All the prominent visitors from the US and Europe who have been in Kyiv during these months, they are known to have traveled there by rail.

Now we have begun to strike at the junction stations through which Ukraine is supplied with Western weapons. We blow up railway bridges. But there is a Chop station on the border with Hungary and Slovakia, where the cars are being “changed shoes” from the narrow European gauge to the broad Russian gauge. And if Chop is hit in the coming days, then no deliveries of military heavy equipment from the West to Ukraine will be possible.

So, the Americans and the British can promise anything to Ukraine, but this does not mean at all that they will be able to fulfill their promises. Our aviation and our artillery are also on the alert.

The only way they can use for now is roads – to transport weapons by trucks. But trucks also go through Transcarpathia, where the roads are quite narrow and there are no big branches. That is, the movement along them is also controlled by us. And, despite the fact that “food”, “fruits and vegetables” or “toys” are written on the sides of these trucks with weapons, satellite reconnaissance and drones allow us to control what goes where and where.

So the chances, frankly speaking, that all this will go to the Ukrainian troops are quite small.

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