May 7, 2022
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Kharkiv: Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to save the Kholodny Yar brigade, which was taught by NATO instructors

Kharkiv: Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to save the Kholodny Yar brigade, which was taught by NATO instructors

Photo: Zuma/TASS

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred large reserves to Izyum in order to release the 93rd separate mechanized brigade Kholodny Yar at any cost, which was trained by NATO instructors and even took part in the NATO Combined Resolve military maneuvers as a full-fledged unit of the alliance. After the Kyiv regime, for image reasons, doomed the Azov Regiment * to certain death in Mariupol, the Ze-team decided to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On May 5, the Zhovto-Blakit media reported that the Ukrainian army launched an offensive in the Izyum and Kharkov directions. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny reported on this to the Stars and Stripes General Mark MilleyChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the US Army.

I must say that this is not so much a military decision, but a political one, since earlier there was information from Kyiv that the deblockade of the 93rd OMB could lead to serious losses, much more than it would be possible to save Ukrainian soldiers from captivity. But it looks like the president’s office Zelensky forced to respond to the cries of despair of the soldiers who found themselves in the operational environment, who suffer heavy losses from Russian artillery and aviation.

According to the information available on the Ukrainian social network, it can be understood that now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to cross the Seversky Donets by building pontoon bridges, which are immediately destroyed. It is difficult to say whether it will be possible to rescue the 93rd brigade from the boiler. Most likely, some of the defenders of independence will be lucky enough to cross the river, which will be served to society and allies as a great victory.

Recently, NATO headquarters have been publishing their assessments and forecasts of the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation on a daily basis. The largest amount of data concerns the Izyum and Kharkiv directions. The United States and allies no longer hide the fact that they are transmitting to the Ukrainian General Staff both intelligence data, moreover, online, and possible scenarios for further attacks by the Russian army.

Despite the slow advance of our troops, since the preservation of the lives of soldiers and officers is at the forefront, the Britons and Yankees fear that about 40,000 AFU military may be in the big Donbas pocket. Actually, this is why the Ukrainian General Staff received an order from the OP to stop the Russian army near Izyum at any cost, and also to attack our units near Kharkov.

For this, the “Ze-team”, having adopted an illegal decree on the extraterritorial use of territorial defense units, transferred 17 thousand untrained and unfired patriots of Ukraine to the east. In fact, cannon fodder, since these units were created exclusively as voluntary units with police functions.

It looks like the Kyiv regime has no other options. This is due to the huge losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the need to create a multiple numerical advantage over our troops.

Plus, the Kyiv regime plans to increase the Armed Forces of Ukraine by another 100,000 soldiers after receiving NATO military assistance. The website of the Command of the Defense Forces of Ukraine says that the third wave of mobilization is now underway and the military units that need it are being re-equipped, “according to the plan.”

The General Staff plans to make up for the losses by May 24, but, most likely, the deadlines will be extended. This was stated by the head of the personnel department of the headquarters of the command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Gorbach at a briefing at the Ukrainian Media Center.

The fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need a radical renewal of manpower, admitted the chief media specialist of the Kyiv regime Arestovich. According to him, a counteroffensive by the Ukrainian army is possible in the second half of June or in July, subject to the accumulation of Western weapons, which, according to Zelensky’s propaganda adviser, “enough for at least several brigades – armed, trained and coordinated.”

True, it is not entirely clear how good soldiers can be prepared from cannon fodder in such a period of time. However, according to Ukrainian truth-tellers, one should not take “Arestovich’s fairy tales” at face value. Like, to lie (on the move – to lie) – his job.

The Pentagon, by the way, is not as optimistic as the filmmakers from the Ze-team. US Department of Defense experts recommend preparing not for a counteroffensive, but, on the contrary, for defense, taking the “defense” of Mariupol as an example. In particular, the US military department has already selected several factories in Kharkov, as well as Nikolaev and Odessa, which are destined to become the next Azovstal. Now shelters are being prepared there and warehouses with weapons, ammunition and food are being packed to capacity.

In other words, without the active participation of the United States on the side of Ukraine, the special operation would have ended long ago with minimal casualties.

Pentagon experts on military conflicts note that Russia uses a very limited contingent, and very carefully. In particular, the Deep State portal, citing American intelligence, provided interesting analytical information regarding the distribution of Russian army forces in Ukraine by direction.

So, in the area of ​​Izyum, according to the Deep State, there are now only 22 Russian BTGs (battalion tactical groups of 700-800 fighters each), or up to about 15,000 soldiers. They are opposed by a 40,000-strong army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 17,000 territorial defense fighters, not counting other security forces from among the police special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Is this really so, only our General Staff knows. It seems that the Russian side takes part in the battles exactly as much as necessary. But if the Americans’ information is correct, a very interesting picture emerges.

First, despite the fact that one Russian BTG (again, according to NATO intelligence) is “responsible” for a 2.7 km section of the front, the Russians are developing an offensive against Ukrainian units, which are four to five times more numerous.

Secondly, only 5 of our battalion tactical groups are deployed near Kharkov. This means that here one Russian BTG controls a front line 20 km long. Yes, there is still NM LDNR, but the most combat-ready units are fighting the enemy in Mariupol and in other areas. Thus, in terms of numbers, the advantage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be an order of magnitude greater, which, in fact, allowed the Ukrainians to carry out an attack on the village of Stary Saltov in the Volchansky district, as well as on the village of Molodovy near Kharkov. However, it doesn’t change anything at all.

Thirdly, Defense Express, citing the Pentagon, writes that for an offensive on a 1 km section, by American standards, at least one BTG is required, while it can hold the defense on a 5 km long front. It’s about general combat. Therefore, the dubious successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kharkov raise very big questions, because, according to public information, there is a balance of power – ten Ukrainian soldiers against one Russian. Consequently, ours are taken “not by number, but by skill,” as the legendary commander taught Alexander Suvorov.

The Yankees are well aware that the Russian troops, after they slam the Izyum cauldron, will definitely return for the Russian Kharkov. US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby at his regular briefing, he said: “The Ukrainian military managed to push the Russian troops back to a distance of about 30-50 kilometers from the city … If you just look at the map, you will see that this is a large industrial city, and it is located right on the northwestern edge of what we consider the territory of Donbass. It looks like the Russians still have plans for Kharkiv.”

Now, judging by the concentration of BTG in the Izyum direction, in the Popasnaya area, the coverage of Severodonetsk is the direction of the main attack of our troops. The Americans, by the way, note that only Russian cover forces remain in all other areas.

Someone will say why so few. Yes, because it is no longer necessary. The introduction of new unfired units of the RF Armed Forces can lead to losses, especially since our soldiers beat the enemy in the minority. But Kyiv does not consider the victims among the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For Bandera, this is just a consumable.

It’s not just that in the yellow-Blakit social networks they cut down the truth-womb that for the mere fact that the “Ze-team” threw the territorial defense units to cross the Northern Donets, the General Staff and the OP should not only be judged, but put up against the wall. It was not they who gave birth and brought up this generation of Ukrainians in order to doom the zombified lads to certain death. History will dot all the “i” anyway.

* Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

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