May 4, 2021
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Key conspiracy – so that all doors open in front of you

Key conspiracy - so that all doors open in front of you

Opening the necessary doors in front of you and not stopping in development will help the creation of a talisman. With its help, it will come out to find a way out of difficult situations and bring the necessary changes into life.

Keys can not only be used for their intended purpose, but also make great amulets out of them. Experts recommend getting to know how to turn an ever-present key into a strong talisman that can help at the right moment. Thanks to a simple conspiracy, everyone can get the same master key that will open the way to personal happiness.

Before, as if to carry out the ceremony, it is necessary to start the appeared lock with two keys. It is dignified for it to be fresh and with a neutral energy. The castle can be anything – huge, mediocre, tiny. It is necessary to choose it, trusting the inner voice.

The lock with the keys is placed in salt for a few minutes to cleanse them of extraneous energy. It is majestic that the lock was open and the keys were lying apart. It is more important to carry out this procedure in total during the period when the Month begins to grow on its own.

They take the lock in hand, close it with a key and say:

“I close the lock, cut off disasters from myself. Locked forever, they will not harm anyone, they will not come into anyone’s life, they will not steal happiness. “

This key is set aside and the other is taken. They open the lock with the words:

“As long as the castle is open, happiness comes into life, it will not pass by. In a minute I will take the difficult key in my hands, I will unlock the necessary door ”.

They carry the other key with them and do not give it to anyone. The remaining key, with which the lock was closed, is thrown into the reservoir, and the lock is hidden in a secluded point.

You can speak not only keys, but also locks to protect your own house from any troubles: evil eye, damage, robbers and burglars. These conspiracies have a person forcibly, capable of protecting from adversity.

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