Apr 30, 2021
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Keti Topuria showed her 3-month-old son

Singer Keti Topuria posted the first video with her three-month-old son, touching the fans.

Keti Topuria showed her 3-month-old son

A popular artist is raising a five-year-old daughter Olivia from her first union, and in January of this year she got rid of her son from the current chosen one, Lev Dengov.

In a fresh video posted on Instagram, subscribers saw that the singer was affectionately treating the tiny heir. The star captured herself with her son, holding him in her arms.

“I’ll eat you and that’s it. Do you know that I will eat this little boy now? ” Subsequently, she severally kissed the baby in the back of the head, than touched the respirators.

Recall that since September 7, 2013 Keti Topuria was married to businessman Lev Geykhman. In June 2015, their daughter Olivia was born. When the baby was two years old, the couple divorced. Now Keti Topuria is in an alliance with the entrepreneur Lev Dengov, who got rid of his son Adam at the beginning of 2021.

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