Jan 23, 2021
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Keti Topuria has declassified the name of the newborn son

14:24, 01/22/2021

The singer named the boy Adam.

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Yesterday 34-year-old Keti Topuria became a mother for the second time. The singer is already raising her five-year-old daughter Olivia. As it became known, Keti gave birth to a boy. The singer did not rush to reveal the name of the baby on the day of his appearance.

Just a few minutes ago, Topuria declassified the name of her son. “Adam 21/01/21”, – said the lead singer of the group A’Studio in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes – Prim. line.). She posted the first photo Adamshowing the foot of the newborn. Vera Brezhneva, Olga Seryabkina, Julia Kovalchuk congratulated the young mother with the addition. “Happinnes exists!!! Congratulations, ”Alexander Revva briefly noted in the comments to the post.

Keti showed the first photo of the baby

As you know, the son of Topuria and her husband, businessman Lev Dengov, was born in one of the elite Moscow maternity hospitals. As reported by insiders, mom and baby are doing well. The artist did not plan to stay long on maternity leave to care for the baby. According to the singer, she plans to return to work in two months.

By the way, Topuria for a long time tore up her “interesting position”. Rumors of her pregnancy appeared back in October 2020. Katie herself stubbornly kept silent, without commenting on them. However, the singer was filmed on a beach vacation in Dubai, showing her noticeably rounded belly. The declassification of the imminent replenishment was not long in coming: on October 30, the video “Cé la vie” with the participation of the pregnant Keti was released. As the artist complained, she had to act in difficult conditions with an already big belly. The plot suggested that she would have to climb the mountain several times, as well as be half-naked in the cold.

Lev Dengov and Katie Topuria

Recall that Keti Topuria has a five-year-old daughter, Olivia, who was born in a marriage with entrepreneur Lev Geykhman. In 2017, the couple divorced after four years of marriage. According to the singer, feelings between them faded away. However, evil tongues claimed that Keti began a new romance. However, Geikhman and Topuria maintained a warm relationship, including for the sake of their common daughter.

Keti Topuria with her five-year-old daughter Olivia

After the divorce, Katie had a high-profile affair with the scandalous rapper Guf. However, the artists never reached the formalization of the relationship, although their romance lasts almost two years. According to the singer, she left her lover because of his betrayal. In addition, the musician used illegal substances, and the singer had to periodically save him from addiction. Guf recalled a talented passion for a long time, expecting that she would change her mind and return. The rapper listened to the songs of the A’Studio group for a long time and cried. He also dedicated several of his tracks to the ex-darling, and in the composition “Bad Weather” he even stated that he was truly happy only with her, lamenting that he had not married Topuria after all.

However, after a while, Keti began to meet with politician Lev Dengov. In September, the singer revealed that she was engaged to her lover by showing the ring. On November 20, the lovers signed at the Moscow registry office. On the day of the wedding, the singer wore a white tight dress, which emphasized the impressive period of the artist’s pregnancy.

Dengov and Topuria’s wedding on November 20, 2020

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