Jan 14, 2022
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Keti Topuria and her husband are vacationing in Dubai with all their children


The soloist of the A-Studio group, singer Keti Topuria spends her winter holidays in Dubai not only with her children, but also with her daughter and son Lev Dengov from a previous marriage.

Recently, Keti Topuria and her family flew to Dubai on vacation. The singer does not show a photo in a swimsuit on the beach. But he actively shares shots in the arms of her husband. Among the latest publications of Keti, a picture appeared in leather trousers with a silhouette cut. To them, the artist added a top with thin straps of a milky shade, and completed the look in a casual style with a checkered shirt, which she tied at the waist.

Katie Topuria and the money lion
Katie Topuria and the money lion

How beautiful you both are”, “What are you unreal. So beautiful! Crazy”, “What shoes”, “What a stylish Keti”, “So similar to each other”, “The most beautiful couple”, — wrote enthusiastic fans of the couple Keti and Leo.

Earlier, Lev Dengov shared a photo from the rest, in which he poses with all the children: his son Adam with Katie, the daughter of the artist from her first marriage, Olivia Geykhman, and her children from a previous relationship.

As it turned out, son Leonid and daughter Shoshana are resting with their father and his new wife. Dengov and his children took a ride on the Ferris wheel, where Topuria photographed him.

Lev Dengov with all the children rides on a Ferris wheel
Lev Dengov with all the children rides on a Ferris wheel

Fans admired the father of many children. Many noted that he had beautiful heirs. “Wow! What a gang”, “What a cute photo! Happiness to all the kids in the world”, “You have such an adult daughter”, “Little Adam is so cute”, “Just lovely”, “Lion, here are your little lions”, “Daughter is very beautiful”, “Happy”, “Here it’s lucky”, — subscribers commented on the post.

Recall that Keti Topuria has been performing on stage for more than 15 years. She said that at one time even Alla Pugacheva supported her. The soloist of the A-Studio group could not find happiness for a long time after her divorce from Lev Geykhman. Her romance with Guf was short-lived. But the diplomat Lev Dengov was able to win her heart. They recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. But the couple spends the January holidays in Dubai.

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