Oct 19, 2021
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Kedmi: Stoltenberg’s “mediocrity” strengthened the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation


Kedmi: Stoltenberg's
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Russia 24

Kedmi criticized the actions of the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance, calling the head of the organization “mediocrity.” He also noted that it was Stoltenberg’s illiterate policy that helped Russia to strengthen its armed forces and pushed it to create a tank shock army.

“The meaning of the words of the NATO Secretary General does not express anything except wretchedness, illiteracy and his mood,” – said the military-political expert on the YouTube channel “Soloviev LIVE”.

According to the Israeli expert, there are no leaders in the Alliance comparable to the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu or his deputies. The failed policy of the North Atlantic Alliance also led to a “decline in the price of NATO shares,” noted Yakov Kedmi. He emphasized that the Alliance’s actions have ceased to be attractive for the world community.

Earlier, Yakov Kedmi commented on the news of the creation of a military-political alliance between the United States, Great Britain and Australia called AUKUS. He stressed that the new alliance was created to strengthen the power of Washington and its supporters in the Pacific, as well as to confront China and the Russian Federation.

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