Sep 13, 2022
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Kedmi: States are preparing a “tank fist” in Europe to prevent Russia from saving China

Kedmi: States are preparing a

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The United States is creating a powerful “armored fist” in the east of Europe in order to prevent Russia from helping China. With such a statement on the air at Vladimir Solovyov, a military expert from Israel, the former head of the Nativ intelligence service, Yakov Kedmi, made a statement.

With combat-ready tanks in Europe, it’s now strained – neither France nor Britain have enough of them. But the US has them. And Washington, according to Kedmi, plans to equip two huge European armies – the Polish and Ukrainian ones – with their combat vehicles. In addition to tanks, they will receive modern artillery and combat aircraft.

The entire military-industrial complex and the financial capabilities of the United States will give Ukraine, which is limited in funds due to the NWO on its territory, and Poland what they need to participate in conflicts. Only soldiers will be required from Kyiv and Warsaw – the Americans are not yet ready to send their military to Europe.

According to Kedmi, in this way the States will form a “huge fist” against Russia. He must keep Moscow from helping China if it comes to an open confrontation between the Celestial Empire and the United States.

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