Nov 5, 2021
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Kedmi: Russia has no need to print money for government programs


Kedmi: Russia has no need to print money for government programs
FBA “Economics Today”

The specialist highly appreciated the programs being carried out by Moscow in the military sphere. He noted that the Russian Federation continues to implement them despite the energy crisis in the world.

According to Yakov Kedmi, Russia’s financial situation allows the country’s leadership to concentrate its efforts on developing the economy. Unlike Washington, Moscow is always attentive to the formation of the budget for the implementation of plans not only in the defense, but also in other spheres. Therefore, there is no need for Russia to “run the machine” and print money the way they do in the United States.

“The Russian economy cannot be viewed by US standards. You don’t have to print millions of dollars like the Americans do. Despite all the screams and criticism, Russia can draw up a balanced budget with a surplus and develop the military component at the required pace, “the ex-head of the Israeli special service explained on the YouTube channel Soloviev Live.

Earlier, Yakov Kedmi reported that the Pentagon was completely helpless now with the new Russian air and missile defense system S-500 “Prometheus”. The military-political expert noted that these anti-aircraft missile systems will help protect the country from all types of threats.

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