Nov 10, 2021
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Kedmi: Putin’s statement on nuclear war against Russia canceled all NATO plans


Kedmi: Putin's statement on nuclear war against Russia canceled all NATO plans
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Russia 24

Discussions have resumed in NATO countries about changing the doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons and the reason for their use. The political scientist believes that the West has excluded Ukraine as a country over which a global war could start.

Kedmi stressed that in the North Atlantic Alliance, three countries have nuclear weapons: the United States, Britain and France. In his opinion, neither London nor Paris will be able to use it without approval from Washington, otherwise they will be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

The expert also highlighted the recent statement by Putin, who voiced the national nuclear doctrine and canceled all NATO plans for a war with Russia.

“On the very first missiles directed towards Russia, no matter with what warheads, no one will check it, there will be a counter thermonuclear strike that will destroy these countries before the missiles launched by them reach Russian territory,” Kedmi stressed.

According to the political scientist, Russia’s new strategic weapon surpasses all modern counterparts, which makes it impossible for a nuclear confrontation with the United States or other Western states.

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