Jun 3, 2022
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Kedmi pointed to the decisive factor in the NWO on the territory of Ukraine

Kedmi pointed to the decisive factor in the NWO on the territory of Ukraine Israeli military expert Yakov Kedmi

Israeli military expert Yakov Kedmi

Yakov Kedmi, a military expert from Israel, spoke about the factor that he considers the key to success in carrying out the so-called special military operation. His vision was presented by the OSN edition.

“In any military operation, the stability of power determines the situation most of all,” Kedmi said. The expert believes that the Russian Federation has more chances. “It (the stability of power, – Ed.) Today in Russia is the highest in history.”

At the same time, Yakov Kedmi pointed out that in many Western countries that support Ukraine in confrontation with the Russian Federation, a crisis of confidence in government officials is emerging.

In conclusion, the political scientist expressed confidence that the Russian Federation will be able to achieve its goals during the NWO without additional military support.

Meanwhile, today marks exactly 100 (one hundred) days from the start of Russia’s special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. For more than three months, she has reached (only or already – delete an unnecessary word) to her second stage.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov have repeatedly stressed that the NMD is proceeding in accordance with the plan.

“You see the successes of our military, … therefore, there is no doubt that all the goals set will be achieved,” the Kremlin spokesman was quoted as saying in mid-May RIA News.

According to statements, now the main battles are unfolding in the Donbass.

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