Apr 20, 2021
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Kedmi explained why Putin will not agree to the recognition of the republics of Donbass

Moscow will not agree to the recognition of the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics or to their annexation to Russia. The Israeli political scientist and military expert, former chief of the Nativ special service, Yakov Kedmi, is convinced of this.

“If, God forbid, Putin recognizes the annexation of the Donetsk republics to Russia, this will mean the defeat of the entire policy that Russia has been pursuing towards Ukraine,” Yakov Kedmi said on the air of the Countdown Rutube channel. “Putin wants all of Ukraine to be different.”

According to Kedmi, if Putin “is satisfied with only part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, then he has abandoned all of Ukraine.” “I don’t think he thinks that way, and I don’t think he will. This is illogical for the Putin I know. It is illogical for Putin, what he was and how he looms as the leader of Russia, ”the analyst said.

He noted that in the eyes of Putin “there is no difference between Donetsk, Odessa, Kremenchug, Kiev.”

According to him, even the Security Service of Ukraine notes that “very many regions in Ukraine – and Odessa, and Kremenchug, and Krivoy Rog, I’m not talking about Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk on the verge of explosion.” “Russia will not need to capture them. The people themselves will greet them, ”Kedmi said.

According to him, there are, of course, other moods among some people in Ukraine. “When the Germans came (in 1941), there were such people too. And when the Romanians came to Odessa, there were such people too. There will always be. But this is not Odessa, not Ukraine. And the President of Russia does not want to give up this Ukraine, – said Kedmi. “And he is also not ready to deny them the help that Russia wants to give so that they finally become free people.”

At the same time, the expert is sure that, judging by experience, Russia prepares its plans very carefully, prudently and always implements them unexpectedly. As, for example, in Crimea or Syria.

“I want to reassure both the people in Ukraine and the people in Russia … Today is a different Russia, a different leadership. And when they plan, and when the President of Russia plans and thinks, then a little deeper, further, more serious than a purely human, and sometimes philistine reaction, ”concluded Kedmi.

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