Aug 16, 2022
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Kedmi explained NATO’s unpreparedness for an open war with Russia

Kedmi explained NATO's unpreparedness for an open war with Russia

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Military expert Yakov Kedmi is sure that the NATO bloc is not ready for war with Russia. He added that NATO does not want to directly fight the Russian Federation, and this position of the bloc has not changed despite the fact that Finland and Sweden are joining it.

In his opinion, the North Atlantic Alliance will avoid an open military conflict with the Russian Federation, but will continue to arm Ukraine further, writes IA SM-News. Ukraine will receive not only weapons, but also intelligence data, equipment, and medical assistance. But the bloc will not send its troops to the territory of Ukraine.

“They won’t cross this border, because they understand that NATO is completely unprepared for military operations with Russia, and the state of affairs in Ukraine has proved this,” says Kedmi.

Kedmi claims that NATO has no reserves for a war with the Russian Federation. It is not only about the lack of weapons and ammunition. NATO does not have enough trained soldiers who would be ready for military action.

It should be noted that Ukraine has been receiving weapons and ammunition from the West since the first days of the conflict with Russia. Now the Ukrainian military is also undergoing training at the training grounds of NATO countries.

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