Dec 31, 2020
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Kazakhstan – you can’t make a geopolitical elephant out of a “patriotic” fly

It seems that for Kazakh patriots Vyacheslav Nikonov and Evgeny Fedorov have become favorite irritants.

On December 26, another protest action took place near the Russian Consulate General in Alma-Ata. A couple of dozen outraged and one poster with the inscription: “Let Nikonov and Fedorov apologize to the Kazakh people for their unfounded statements!” had to demonstrate to Russia a willingness “Reflect the imperialist manners and prove the thousand-year history of the Kazakh lands”… One of the participants in the show Daulet Zhainak stated that their action is “opposition to the chauvinist views of Russia.”

Movement activists “Reality of December” (from Zheltoksan, as the December 1986 events are called) demanded a meeting with diplomats so that they “Brought the people’s demands to Russia”… However, what exactly the “people” demanded remained unclear.

Nobody came to the protesters because of the day off, in this incomprehensible situation the Zheltoksanites followed the Ukrainian method – they sang a hymn and went to the Zarya Nezalezhnosti monument erected in memory of the events of 1986. Already here they decided to take revenge on Nikonov and the Kremlin, demanding from the authorities of Kazakhstan, to rename the city of Petropavlovsk to Kyzylzhar, and Pavlodar – to Ertis.

“Numerous protests” of patriots

Prior to this, patriots came to the consulate on December 13, leaving a poster on the fence with the inscription: “Northern Kazakhstan is the Kazakh land”… The topic of the northern territories worried about the activists of the youth group Wake up Kazakhstanwho carried out the action on December 16, although they devoted most of their time to criticizing “Nazarbayev and his despotism.”

The outside is trying to stir up the discussion about the possibility of deteriorating relations between Kazakhstan and Russia. December 28 under the title “It’s time for Kazakhstan and the people of Kazakhstan to get ready for the exit” an interview with the president of the think tank Consultations on international policy and economy was released Fikret Shabanov (he is Freddie Shaban) from Vancouver, an Azerbaijani by nationality, known for harsh anti-Russian attacks.

Fikret Shabanov

Fikret Shabanov

Shabanov is sure that Moscow with its “The age-old imperial system of thinking in relation to the states of the former USSR” worried about the changes taking place in Central Asia, afraid of them. Based on this impulse, Shabanov declares: “I do not exclude the possibility that Kazakhstan may become the next state, which will have its own” Crimea “,” LPR “and” DPR “”.

Azerbaijani journalist from Vancouver manipulates phrases about “Mutually exclusive national interests of Kazakhstan and Russia” and an outright lie that if a country refuses to be pro-Russian, “As a rule, a civil war begins in this republic with the support of” little green men “from the Russian special services”

At the same time, Shabanov says that soon an arc of instability will close around Russia, covering Ukraine, Moldova, the Caucasus, and now also Central Asia. Who is creating this instability and the reaction of Russia, Shabanov does not specify, but insists that “Empires do not change, they only disintegrate”

The Canadian Azerbaijani admits that a sharp deterioration between Moscow and Nur-Sultan should not be expected, but he assures that the time of Kazakhstanis integrated into the Russian legal and economic field is passing. Like, “A new generation of Kazakhstanis who no longer consider Russia a favorite in Kazakhstan’s foreign policy”, is focused on the Turkic-Islamic world, and therefore will look for a new place in the system of international relations.

Shabanov forgets, however, that today countries deciding to “look for their new place” are quickly shown this place. Maybe that’s why Kazakhstanis are satisfied with their old place?

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