Sep 20, 2022
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Kazakhstan began to detain Russian trucks with goods from Europe

Russian trucks with goods from Europe began to be detained in Kazakhstan – at least eight road trains got stuck there, the Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP) said.

Russian trucks began to be detained in Kazakhstan due to new requirements from Astana, Izvestia writes. This affected domestic companies that transport goods from the border with the EU, where trucks are rewired from a tractor of a European company to a car of an organization from Russia.

“It is impossible to report the exact number of detained vehicles. We are aware of eight cases of detention of road trains of Russian carriers. Some of them are located in the parking lots for violators, where each day of storage is expensive. Others – at customs terminals. Some road trains are right on the road. All documents were confiscated from the drivers, so they can’t go anywhere, ”said the representative of the association.

So far, three companies have faced problems: Avtotransit and SV-Trans from Smolensk and the logistics operator Trasko, follows from a letter from the Russian Ministry of Transport to the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan. As stated in the document, they plan to impose fines on these carriers. According to ASMAP, this is about 3,000 euros for each case of detention (about 180,000 rubles).

According to the Ministry of Transport, the authorities of Kazakhstan began to demand from Russian drivers permits for goods issued not to the domestic, but to the previous carrier, that is, the company from the EU – the one that carried the same goods across the European Union to Belarus or Russia. But these structures do not transfer documents to each other, and the new rule itself contradicts the provisions of agreements on international road transport. In addition, Russian drivers have Kazakh permits, according to a letter from the Ministry of Transport to colleagues from Astana. The department considers the new demands unreasonable and asks Kazakhstan to cancel them and release the detained trucks without imposing fines.

In Trasko, the publication was informed that the situation affected two road trains of the company, and the amount of claims is about 200 thousand rubles. Mikhail Palkov, deputy general director of the company for transport, said that the organization has so far suspended transportation from third countries to Kazakhstan until the circumstances are clarified.

“We do not understand the reasons for such requirements. We carry out transportation using permits from third countries, which are issued by the Kazakh side in limited quantities. However, the requirements regarding the provision of permits from previous carriers are absolutely unfounded,” he said.

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