Jan 6, 2022
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Kazakhstan – attempted state suicide

The era of Nazarbayev flies away with the smoke of the Almaty fires in January 2022

The Kazakhstani revolt, the swiftness of which stunned even strong specialists, marked the edge to which the most stable (so it seemed!) Republic of the former USSR approached. They dreamed about this moment, waited for it, prepared for it. Too important in a geopolitical sense is this gigantic piece of not too populated, but too rich land.

The mutiny was prepared in a comprehensive manner, attracting many, whom we still recognize, to it.

The direction of events is clear. The trigger was chosen for the rapid rise in prices for liquefied gas, although there is no doubt that this was a simple ploy. The signal was a video message from the oilmen, and now “there is a cloudless sky over the whole of Kazakhstan” …

Is it not surprising that the epicenter of the explosion was a shabby village in Western Kazakhstan, and the pogroms began in Alma-Ata? The organizers, understanding the significance of the symbols, understood that Zhanaozen was a symbol of the recent rebellion against Nazarbayev, and the Republic of Alma-Ata square was a symbol of the 1986 rebellion.

In addition, why riot in the blown, frosty, almost Siberian Tselinograd (Nur-Sultan), when it is more convenient to do this in the warm “southern capital”, where, again, it is easier and cheaper to bring revolutionary meat – mambets from Chimkent, Taraz, Turkestan and Kyzyl- Hordes. Southerners in Kazakhstan are like Ukrainian Westerners: passionate, envious, cruel idlers.

The preparedness of the rebellion is evidenced by the quite “qualified” actions of the protesters both in Western Kazakhstan and in Alma-Ata. They blocked the movement of the columns of the security forces, with the naked eye one can see the “singers” both on social networks and in the crowd, not surprisingly, a large number of “Molotov cocktails” used on the night of January 5th. But they require containers, preparation of the composition of the combustible mixture (usually polystyrene diluted in gasoline), and finally, people are needed who does this. All this requires money and administrative resources.

The mass protest in Almaty, where tens of thousands of people from the southern regions are looking for work, was not surprised either. The main and numerous universities are also located here, consistently supplying stupid, but freedom-loving rebel students. Therefore, attempts to set fire to Kazakhstan most of all are made in Alma-Ata, for the Kazakhs-northerners are mostly calm people.

The organizers knew very well that the stake should be placed on public irritation with the power of the Family. Through the efforts of his relatives and servile officials, Nazarbayev brought his enormous authority to the point of absurdity. People’s frustration was transformed into hatred. “Shal, ket!” (“Old man, go away!”) Shouted at rallies back in 2013. Hatred boiled and tore off the lid.

By the way, the “gas riot” demonstrated how spineless the political institutions created by Nazarbayev turned out to be, which turned out to be unprepared for crisis situations of a new type. Akims turned out to be cowards, maslikhats fled. The monolith of the “Nur-Otan” party turned out to be on paper.

The office of the Nur-Otan party is on fire

The office of the Nur-Otan party is on fire

In addition, those who brought a match to Kazakhstan also used the steppe tribalism that was released in the post-Soviet republic. Any Alma-Ata taxi driver on the way from the airport could tell you how the authorities of the “upstarts of the Shapirashta” got sick of everyone. The tribal mentality has not really disappeared anywhere; moreover, it has become fashionable and has gained political weight. The endless Kyrgyz revolutions are an example of this.

Tokayev’s appearance somewhat cooled the situation, but then the diarchy intensified discontent. And now the time of “Akorda and Library” is over.

The era of Nazarbayev flies away with the smoke of the Almaty fires of January 2022. What the next era will be like is absolutely incomprehensible.

For three days the rebellion developed according to the scenario, although only Alma-Ata, Aktau and partly Aktobe became the real epicenters.

Aktobe January 5

Aktobe January 5

The “gas revolution” turned out to be mobile in the Kyrgyz way and did not turn into a camp, like the Kiev Maidan.

Almaty. Night of January 5

Almaty. Night of January 5

Already on the night of January 5, new revolutionaries began to stupidly rob shops. And in Alma-Ata there is something to profit from, it took a day for the protesters to turn into bandits. Initially, chaos was regulated through calls to “bomb” gun shops, take away firearms from the police, set fire to cars, administrative buildings, and police stations. However, the Mambets got involved and the already armed ones began to attack houses and apartments.

It is noteworthy that refined Kazakhstani experts, like Dosim Satpayev, clearly satisfied with the course of events, philosophized about the need for fundamental changes, and not temporary gags undertaken by Tokayev. Although Satpayev knows that such changes cannot be achieved through arson, pogroms and murders.

Tokayev, showing neither nervousness nor cowardice, consistently spread his wings, and this takes time and determination. When the pogrom was only fanned in Alma-Ata, the president recognized the right of citizens to peaceful protest and urgently resolved the “gasocene” cause of the conflict. But it was not a reason, it was just an excuse. When they began to smash cars and beat the police, Tokayev once again called on the rebels to calm down.

On the streets of the city

On the streets of the city

He quite reasonably announced the removal of the Pope and the transfer of the leadership of the Security Council to him, dissolved the government, and began a targeted cleansing of the leadership. “Alpha” was headed by Berik Kunabaev, an authoritative among the security forces, who became at the same time the deputy chairman of the KNB, headed by Ermek Saginbayev.

It was obvious that in a few days irreversible consequences would fall on the Kazakhstanis who supported the riot. First of all, financial, because having started to rebel over the price of gasoline, they will receive an increase in prices for everything. Therefore, a decree appeared on state regulation for 180 days of prices for socially significant products, a special fund was created to support children, followed by a promise to monitor economic players who were already ready for price collusion.

Control is required, and control is the law enforcement agencies, which, if they don’t show their teeth (the police were either brought down on their knees on January 5, or they went over to the side of the rebels), their authority as a force would drop to zero. Ukraine is an example of this.

Army in the city

Army in the city

Therefore, the country “lay down a network”, depriving the rebels of the possibility of coordination. Army men were brought into the case, and Tokayev turned to the CSTO for help. The decision to introduce peacekeepers has been made, an anti-terrorist operation has begun with everything that follows from this and which those who attempted state suicide are hardly aware of.

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