Sep 19, 2022
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Kazakhstan asks the US for permission to be friends with Russia

Kazakhstan is afraid to supply Russia with sanctioned goods and has placed trade deals with Moscow under the control of the US and EU authorities. “Regular consultations are being held with them,” Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi said.

Secondary Western sanctions do not threaten Kazakhstan, since the country’s authorities comply with all restrictions, the official assures. The local government even created a special “working group to prevent the negative impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the economy.”

Speaking without diplomatic overtures, does Kazakhstan seek permission from Western “partners” for deals with Russia?

It’s time for Kazakh elites to make their choice

According to Alexander Losev, a member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, Kazakhstan thus confirms that this country is a colony. After all, the entire oil and gas industry of the republic is built on the basis of a production sharing agreement, the expert recalled.

This is the same colonial style, – says Losev, – when foreign companies come to the natives and say: you yourself can’t do anything, but you have rich subsoil, we will extract and give you a little money. That is, the exchange for beads, nothing new.

For us, the question is not even that we helped them in the winter, but they answer like this. The question is how many trillions of rubles we have invested there, subsidizing them, giving away our territory for transit, and so on.

And now the time has come for the elites to make a choice. If the choice is right, the people will be happy. If the choice is wrong, which, for example, was made by the elites in Ukraine, then… Punishment without guilt, as they say, does not happen, Alexander Losev concluded.

Friendship – friendship, interests – apart: We demand too much from them

At the same time, political scientist Yuri Svetov suggested that we demand too much from other countries, even if they are friendly.

For some reason, we believe that they should be ready to meekly bear all the losses, all the damage that occurs if they do not participate in the sanctions. But each country adapts to this situation in its own way, the political scientist believes. The same China, with which we have good friendly relations, openly says in a number of areas: “We will not do this for you, because otherwise we will endanger our business and our projects.” Therefore, such statements from Kazakhstan are normal.

It’s about something else, – continued Svetov. – The question is raised very ridiculously that they will not fall under secondary sanctions. What, is it the Kazakh commission, or what, decides? You read what they say – that these sanctions will not be. But sanctions are imposed by the United States of America, imposed by the European Union. And no one is going to reckon with some kind of commission that was created by the government of Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan can conduct consultations as long as it likes. But decisions are made differently, the political scientist has no doubts. And here you need to understand what the price will be, what will be required from Kazakhstan for the absence of secondary sanctions. This is trade: Tokayev wants one thing, the Americans want another.

Look at the pressure on India, what attempts to put pressure on China! With Kazakhstan, they will least of all be considered.

The owners of a significant part of the oil-extracting and oil-refining industry of Kazakhstan are sitting in London – all sorts of British and sometimes American companies rule there. At first, they were so happy that they would replace Russian oil and make money on it, and then problems arose on the pipeline – with units, with maintenance, with storms, and so on. And then Kazakhstan understood the hint, and here too there is a bargain.

I am a categorical opponent of the words “friendship between countries,” said Yuri Svetov. – Here you are friends with some person. But this does not mean that you dissolve in all his problems. If your friend had a fight with someone with whom you also have a good relationship, what will you do? You will take this circumstance into account, but do not break the friendship. And what kind of friendship with countries? Kazakhstan needs to survive after the unrest that took place at the beginning of this year. The foundations of statehood have been shaken there, they need to get out.

When there is talk of friendship, one must understand – and Putin has also said this more than once – that we have to pay for this. We are friends with Belarus, and this is, as they say, our only ally. But we pay real money for this, and even then Alexander Lukashenko does not always act the way we would like.

He did not recognize Crimea, because he also considers and weighs the pros and cons. You have to be okay with this. And take care of your own interests.

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