Aug 24, 2022
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Kazakh relapses of Ukrainian diplomacy

What will be done with the “not interfering in the affairs of Kazakhstan” fascist ambassador?

The video speech by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Kazakhstan, Petr Vrublevsky, about the tasks and efforts of the Kyiv regime to kill as many Russians as possible now, so that later “their children would have to kill less”, was shocking.

Journalist Ruslan Bakhtigareein commented on the ambassador’s statement: “It would be one thing if a citizen of Ukraine Vrublevsky said this in an interview with Ukrainian media or bloggers. And it’s completely different when he says this in an interview with a Kazakhstani blogger. This is already regarded not as the personal opinion of the ambassador, but as an appeal … “

In the practice of world diplomacy, such behavior of the ambassador is an oxymoron and marginalization. In the practice of Ukrainian diplomacy, where ambassadors sing swear words like Deshchytsia, insult the leadership of the host country like Melnyk, and call for killing like Vrublevsky, such behavior is considered a model of diplomatic practice. What state, such diplomacy. By the way, the Ukrainian ambassador and the Kazakh blogger were wholeheartedly supported by the Polish ambassador to Kazakhstan, Selim Khasbievich.

The fascist ambassador and the blogger who spoke to him

In the republic itself, the incident is being actively discussed, and although Tokayev and the Mazhilis remain silent, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry nevertheless expressed protest. The Ukrainian talker was condemned by the sham Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, and Vrublevsky was declared a person not grata the Association of Russian, Slavic and Cossack organizations of Kazakhstan, headed by Vladimir Bozhko, demanded (taking into account the political impotence of this structure, no one will pay attention to the demand).

Vrublevsky’s trick almost coincided with the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry about the increase in fakes, “concerning Russian-Kazakh interaction and creating an additional factor of tension between good neighbors, as well as within the multinational society of Kazakhstan”.

So, the statement of the Ukrainian ambassador is not a fake. This is a direct challenge, and this is not the first time Vrublevsky has done this. The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to give a legal assessment of Vrublevsky’s words and to establish the identities of the participants in the video, although everyone is already known to everyone.

Blogger provocateur Diaz Kuzairov

This time, the Ambassador of Ukraine did not communicate with a representative of the official publication, but with a filthy blogger Dias Kuzairov, known for his provocations in the “language patrols” in Pavlodar. Kuzairov has repeatedly become the object of attention of law enforcement agencies and even promised to stop the provocations, but his inner rot and his patrons do not allow the instigator to be stopped.

Earlier, Vrublevsky already gave a scandalous interview to the journalist of the “Russophobic sharpening”, Arman Aubakirov, in the Taraz project. Characteristically, in an interview, the Ukrainian ambassador constantly stated that, according to the Vienna Convention, he had no right to interfere in the internal affairs of Kazakhstan, and just as constantly intervened, teaching how the Kazakh authorities should behave towards Russia. Thus, he urged Ak-Orda to promote the theme of the “Holodomor” and recognize it, “as in Ukraine,” as “genocide.” “We always invite Kazakh scientists and give them the opportunity to look at the archives. Even today, we offer scientists to come to Ukraine after the end of the war, collect materials and continue research.”

Vrublevsky openly calls, “like in Ukraine”, to turn off Russian TV channels in Kazakhstan: “For example, as an ambassador, I cannot stand in the middle, beat the table and ban the work of Russian channels. To be honest, I couldn’t even if I really wanted to. Here position noblesse oblige obliges, but this is your internal policy, and I cannot interfere in its internal affairs. Look, after the capture of Crimea in 2014, we threw out all Russian channels. Then the quality of television content produced in Ukraine improved. What’s stopping you? Let’s say I’m just saying it here as a suggestion. Instead of a meaningful political show, you should put your own content.

The Ambassador of Ukraine encourages Kazakhs (especially young people) to develop (“like in Ukraine”) a national idea, to abandon the Russian language and speak Kazakh, because to abandon Russian (“like in Ukraine”) “fashionable, stylish and very necessary.”

The ambassador offers his country of residence (and he is still an ambassador in Kazakhstan!) to strengthen its economy, but how: “Kazakhstan do not rely on one country or the Eurasian Economic Community… “ – advises the ambassador, who “does not interfere in internal affairs.”

Vrublevsky claims that the federal agency Rossotrudnichestvo, which operates in Kazakhstan, is engaged in subversive activities and should be turned away.

Of course, the ambassador repeats the wretched clichés of the Kyiv agitprop about the SVO, speaks of the lack of uniforms and food in the Russian army, of washing machines and refrigerators stolen by Russian soldiers, which they “are transported by trucks to Belarus, where there is now a market, and they sell it there.” And this is, as it were, “Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. How not to pay attention to the first three letters of his last name …

The official, conducting a conversation with Vrublevsky at the level of a station saleswoman of seeds, is trying to show off his erudition. Speaking of Russians, Vrublevsky states: “A famous Russian writer once said: “If you asked me what is happening in Russia in a hundred years, I would say that they steal”, and today in Russia theft, including embezzlement, has been elevated to the state rank. Well, firstly, the above catchphrase is only attributed to Nikolai Karamzin or Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, and secondly, the West makes more claims in theft to the Kyiv leadership.

Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Ukraine Darkhan Kaletaev

Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Ukraine Darkhan Kaletaev

Note that Vrublevsky’s speech coincided not only with the fakes mentioned above. Kazakhstan has not yet given a clear answer about the possible arms trade for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are questions about the supply of body armor and oil products to the Ukrainian army. And finally, after the tragic murder of Darya Dugina, questions arise for the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Ukraine, Darkhan Kaletaev, known for his sympathy for post-Maidan Kyiv: where did the Ukrainian terrorists get a set of real Kazakh documents for a car and authentic license plates?

A lot of questions have accumulated in Ak-Orda. And one of the questions: what will be done with the fascist ambassador who “does not interfere in the affairs of Kazakhstan”?

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