Sep 2, 2021
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Kazakh Natsiks against Russian citizens

Kazakh Natsiks against Russian citizens

Photo: Anatoly Ustinenko / TASS

New Taliban may appear in Kazakhstan * led by people from a remote province who do not know history, are not ready for the civilized world, who want to live according to the medieval precepts of their ancestors, – the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia believes Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Previously, he, as well as his colleagues in the State Duma – deputies Vyacheslav Nikonov, Pavel Shperov, and Evgeny Fedorov Kazakh “activists” have threatened with death for “encroachment” on the territory of Kazakhstan. According to those who recorded the video message of the chairman of the Kazakh “Union of Veterans” Murata Mukhamedzhanova and the head of the unregistered party “El Tiregi” Nurzhana Altayeva, Russian politicians have long cherished “dirty intentions” to seize Kazakhstan and seize “primordially Kazakh territories.”

Editor-in-chief of the FORUM portal. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov I am sincerely surprised at the behavior of the members of the “Union of Veterans”, who took up arms against those who are not afraid to say that there was no Kazakhstan before 1936:

“Apart from the veterans of Afghanistan, who are already quite elderly people today, Kazakh units participated only in the events in Tajikistan in the size of a battalion,” he recalls. “I met with them on the Afghan border, normal soldiers and officers: Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Germans. There were also Kazakhs, of course. I don’t think they have gone mad during this time. Yes, the greatest losses in my memory were suffered by the Kazakh formations, when they threw recruits into battle …

And the Kazakhs, of course, were there before 1936. There was no statehood in the modern sense. Writing was received in the second half of the 19th century. The first stone house was built by the Cossacks in the Vernaya fortress, which is now called Alma-Ata. Until the beginning of the 20th century, they fought with a bow and arrow.

“SP”: Is the growth of Russophobia in Kazakhstan a predictable process?

– Ten years ago, it was clear that to replace Nazarbayev one or another nationalist group will come. The grouping came Tokaeva… No surprises, you just had to monitor the situation. Not only in Kyrgyzstan, but throughout the region, including Kazakhstan. This is a reproach to the Administration of the President of Russia.

“SP”: What can Moscow do?

– Today there is no big problem in accepting Russian-speaking citizens who are superfluous in Kazakhstan. The government should take care. Well, to put the question harshly: if you don’t want the Russians, the Chinese will come and dissolve 12 million Kazakhs in their one and a half billion.

“SP”: Do the Kazakh authorities understand that it is dangerous to touch the Russian language and Russians?

– All business life, all technical documentation is conducted in Russian. Without it – back to the level of the Indians. Astana understands this. The “Russian card” is simply being played, I think no one is planning to exterminate the Russians. But it’s another matter – how many Russians want to be second-class citizens? Russia is near. They will leave. And the Chinese will come.

“SP”: Zhirinovsky talks about the threat of a local Taliban. Associations with Ukraine are more likely. There, flirting with nationalism led to a civil war …

– The current owners of Kazakhstan do not want this, they are rich, they are used to living in a European way. But there is the logic of the process – if you unleashed an ethnic confrontation, it will drag you along …

– For many years it seemed that there were practically no disagreements between Russia and Kazakhstan, – believes Evgeny Valyaev, political analyst of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society Institutions “People’s Diplomacy”… – Although conflicts regularly arose not only with wayward Georgia and Ukraine, but also with friendly Belarus and Armenia. Against this background, Kazakhstan looked like a safe haven.

Although it is surprising that none of the highest political figures in Russia are interested in the active nation-building taking place there, accompanied by the struggle against Russian Soviet toponyms, the active squeezing out of the Russian language, the formation of a national history unfriendly towards Russia and the Russians. Kazakh nationalism has long become the same mainstream as Ukrainian or Belarusian nationalisms, which are united by an active struggle against the imperial past, in which Russia and Russians become the main targets for attacks.

A serious problem is that there are many Russians living in the north of Kazakhstan. They are the first to suffer from discrimination during the accelerating processes of “Kazakhization” of the country. Slogan “The masters of Kazakhstan Kazakhs “, which 20 years ago was exploited only by the marginal, is already becoming dominant among the state elite. There will continue to change the names of cities and villages, they will continue to squeeze out the Russian language.

And we do not see the authorities making attempts to pacify the initiators of the Russophobic “language patrols”. This suggests that these actions have patrons among the state elite. They don’t just want to remove any mention of Russia and Russians – they don’t mind the Russians leaving Kazakhstan for good.

In Kazakhstan, people are increasingly turning to the politics of memory. If there is not enough history, then they write it, create their own national historical myths. The nation-building processes are actively affecting the Soviet period, reconsidering the attitude towards it. The status of an ally prevents Russian diplomacy from pointing out the excesses that are allowed when creating national myths.

The young generation of Kazakhs is in search of their identity, which further enhances these trends. Nationalist views there are popular not only among the marginalized, but also among creative youth. For example, a popular young director Kuanysh Beisekov also do not mind speculating about the great Kazakhstan and their great ancestors. With patriotism, it is very important to remain appropriate and critical. Beisekov in an interview said about the Kazakh version of the concept of a “besieged fortress”, within the framework of which three countries encroach on Kazakhstan: the United States, which corrupts; China, which buys up; Russia, which gets drunk. According to him, Kazakhstan is a tasty morsel that various large countries want to get.

“The besieged fortress” gives people simple answers to difficult questions, it frees people from responsibility, since others are to blame for all troubles and mistakes. This approach mobilizes the most primitive patriotism for the benefit of politicians. The young generation of Kazakhs has a positive attitude to the ideas of Pan-Turkism, which brings Kazakhstan closer to Turkey, and also targets the Turkic-speaking peoples of Russia.

Russian policy should not be limited to economic cooperation; humanitarian policy should not lag behind the economy. Russia should lobby for the EAEU allies to consolidate Russian as the state language in their basic laws, so that it is compulsory for study in schools. This should be an exit ticket to the EAEU space. Russia opens its markets to these countries and must demand something in return.

– Many of these “veterans” are typical mummers who have nothing to do with participating in hostilities in hot spots, – notes leader of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan Ainur Kurmanov. – And the fact that they are used to mold the militant vanguard of Kazakh nationalists, capable of pogroms and murders of unarmed citizens, is really so.

The pogroms and massacres of defenseless Dungans in February last year in the south of the republic show that this is quite possible and realizable already in relation to Russians and Russian-speakers. I already said then that technology and methods are being worked out in a small ethnic group, which will certainly be applied to all those who do not agree with the policy of building a mono-ethnic state.

In fact, these are all provocative agents of the Kazakhstani special services represented by the KNB, which stands behind all nationalist movements, controls and directs them by order of the presidential administration. The speeches of Mukhamedzhanov and Altayev should be viewed as a planned action by the authorities aimed at inciting anti-Russian sentiments.

It has long been necessary for everyone to understand that they are only the driving belts of the state apparatus and a lever for creating interethnic tension in the country, for squeezing out the Russian language and, as a result, act as a militant detachment to preserve the capital and profits of both the ruling elite and Western corporations closely related to it. This is where the legs of all these American military biological laboratories, the Pentagon’s “training centers” and attempts to limit the socio-cultural and informational influence of Russia grow.

That is, this entire mass campaign of decommunization and de-Russification, as well as the development of nationalism and Russophobia, are needed as a noise curtain and ideological justification for the course of geopolitical reorientation of Kazakhstan to the West.

In addition, the prohibition of the Russian language, schools and the Cyrillic alphabet is also necessary to suppress the Russian-speaking part of society, which is viewed as a “fifth column” supporting the integration processes and the very idea of ​​a new Union with Russia.

It is for this purpose that Russophobic actions are carried out in order to destroy resistance, intimidate and break, first of all, the Kazakhs themselves, who consider Russian culture and the Russian language their own. Obviously, the desire of the leaders to prevent this significant part of society from uniting and formalizing their political needs.

“SP”: And Tokayev speaks publicly about the importance of the Russian language …

“Tokayev can declare whatever he wants, he does not really determine the policy and is only the executor of the will of Elbasy, who still rules. Therefore, we should consider his words as another attempt to calm the Kremlin.

And how can you believe Tokayev’s statements when in his article “The most precious thing is independence” he expressed the ideas of nationalists about the need to perpetuate the “Holodomor” and the recognition of the USSR as a state that carried out total genocide of the Kazakh people. Therefore, all responsibility for this is shifted to modern Russia and collectively to the entire Russian people.

“SP”: Is there a danger that Kazakhstan will repeat the experience of Ukraine?

– The processes of “Ukrainization” have been launched a long time ago. The result may be the expulsion of all Russian-speakers, as well as all foreigners from the country. At various times, pogroms of Kurds, Tajiks, Chechens, Uighurs and other minorities have already taken place in the republic.

Nazism and Russophobia are becoming a convenient tool for managing Kazakh youth and distracting them from the problems of poverty, unemployment, and hunger. All this only accelerates the process of sociocultural degradation and pushes the growth of tribalism and religious obscurantism. Naturally, the number of supporters of Islamic extremist movements is increasing.

I do not exclude in the future also border clashes with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on ethnic grounds, as well as internal inter-clan and regional conflicts. After the death of Nazarbayev, the elite will arrange an inevitable squabble among themselves for power and no Tokayev will any longer hold the situation, which can only lead to the disintegration of the country and a civil war.

* The Taliban movement was recognized as a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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