Oct 14, 2021
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Katya Lel spoke about the father of her daughter


It is rumored that the father of the daughter of the singer Katya Lel is Konstantin Khabensky.

The artist has two serious novels on the account of the artist: the first – with producer Alexander Volkov, with whom she parted with a loud scandal. The second chosen one of Katya Lel was businessman Igor Kuznetsov. The singer married him and gave birth to her only daughter, Emilia.

Katya and Igor are considered almost one of the most exemplary couples in Russian show business. The spouses never gave reasons for dirty gossip, but there are still ill-wishers who are sure that Lel gave birth to Emilia not from her husband, but from … actor Konstantin Khabensky. Someone thought that the girl supposedly looks very much like an artist. Katya is not at all offended by such rumors.

It’s very funny, but few people look like anyone. Let them talk!“- said the 47-year-old performer with a smile on the program” The Fate of a Man “with Boris Korchevnikov on the channel” Russia 1 “.

Katya Lel with her daughter
Katya Lel with her daughter

Recall that at one time, Katya Lel had a lot of trials. The singer’s relationship with the influential producer Alexander Volkov became a real hell for her. Katya loved this man, she wanted to give him a child, but the producer was categorically against it.

At the same time, Volkov tormented Lel with jealousy, and she decided to leave him. The vengeful producer did everything to ruin the artist’s career in show business, and he succeeded. In the middle of the 2000s, the performer met her future spouse, and her life changed for the better.

When Sasha died of cancer, I was already pregnant with Igor, but no one knew about it. Somehow someone reproached me, they say, how could I not go to Sasha’s funeral. I could not go there, being pregnant, I was so protective of my unborn child. Who was waiting for me at the funeral? There was so much hatred and sentiment against me. Several years ago, I nevertheless came to the grave of Alexander in Germany. There I asked him for forgiveness for everything that we had to go through together …“- Katya admitted.

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