Sep 2, 2021
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Katya Lel joked about her husband’s age on his birthday

The famous Russian performer Katya Lel shared with fans on Instagram a snapshot with her husband Igor, who celebrated his 49th birthday.

The photo was taken at a seaside resort. The picture shows a couple hugging, looking at the camera. Katya Lel thanked the fate that brought her to Igor 17 years ago.

“You are 49, although the press writes that you are 65 years old and you look gorgeous. A man is well preserved thanks to the care and love of his beloved woman, and this is true! ” She joked.

The artist admitted that she still does not understand how she chose Igor as her husband. Perhaps he deserved it “in past incarnations.” Russian comedian Sergei Drobotenko reacted to the publication of the pop star.

“Happy birthday to Igor! Great guy! I also say this as a Virgo, ”he wrote.

Katya Lel married Igor Kuznetsov in October 2008, according to MIR 24. In the spring of the following year, the couple had a daughter, Emilia. The girl followed in the footsteps of her mother and is studying at the music school. Kabalevsky.

She has been passionate about art and music since childhood. Recently, the artist began to take Emilia to events so that she could get acquainted with the world of show business.

Previously, the performer boasted of the heiress’s culinary talent. The girl made her mom a pancake with condensed milk and left a note next to the plate saying good morning.

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