Aug 19, 2022
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Katya Gordon spoke about her ex-husband’s alcoholism


Presenter Katya Gordon was proud of Alexander, but his addiction spoiled everything.

Once upon a time, Gordon shone in intellectual programs, but recently he can only be seen in scandalous shows. The ex-wife of the TV presenter regrets that Alexander Garrievich had to bury his talent in the ground.

Now Katya Gordon is happily married to businessman Viktor Harkhalis, who will soon give birth to a child. However, she is often asked about her first husband, Alexander Garrievich, whose sonorous name she did not change.

The owner of the law firm notes: they parted on a friendly note. The only thing that became a stumbling block in their marriage was Gordon’s problems with alcohol.

Alexander Gordon - photo from the archive -
Alexander Gordon – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I had a claim to the topic of alcoholism, and it remained. I am outraged that next to him are people who allow this. When we were together, I did everything to make him look great, drink less and limit communication with those who came with a bottle. For the rest, I think he is a super-duper, bright, cool, very talented person who undeservedly leads all sorts of shit“, – Catherine said sharply.

The blonde noted that she continues to admire the ex-husband and worries about his fate. Katya is sad to watch him let himself go, although he is only 58 years old.

I wanted to say: “Sasha! What the heck?! You’re handsome, cool.” It’s unpleasant for me to see a team next to him, which is glad that he is kissing someone’s heel in the frame. They make a clown out of a very talented and educated person. I swear with those who give him a bottle of cognac for shooting, and by the third gear he barely drags his legs”, ex-Gordon was indignant on Diana Kadi’s YouTube channel.

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