Nov 19, 2022
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Katya Gordon shared the first photo with a newborn baby


Lawyer and human rights activist Katya Gordon told how her son was born and published the first frame with baby Theodore.

Lawyer, songwriter and social activist Ekaterina Gordon on November 16 became a mother for the third time. The blonde immediately announced a wonderful event, announcing that she now has three sons.

Katya Gordon called the newborn heir an unusual name – Theodore. And now I decided to show the very first photo with him. In the microblog, Katya Gordon said that her son was born by caesarean section. And as soon as the doctors got Theodore, they immediately put him on his mother’s chest. At this tremulous moment, a frame was taken, shared by Katya Gordon.

Katya Gordon after a caesarean section was placed on the chest of a newborn son
Katya Gordon after a caesarean section was placed on her baby’s chest

Under the picture, Katya Gordon thanked the doctors who helped her son to be born. She especially noted the famous obstetrician-gynecologist Tatyana Normantovich.

My pregnancy and caesarean were under her supervision, and therefore I was not particularly worried. They say that if you give birth once to Normantovich, then you won’t stop (specializes in large families). So maybe… it’s not over yet. So maybe happy…but not quite end!”Katya Gordon finished promisingly.

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