Sep 16, 2022
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Katya Gordon admitted that her husband was considered her father


Presenter Katya Gordon declares that she achieved everything herself.

Many people think that Katya Gordon became popular thanks to her ex-husband Alexander. But the lawyer admits: this is not so. She achieved everything in her life on her own.

41-year-old Katya Gordon decided to debunk a few myths about herself. The TV presenter admits that the trail of her ex-husband, TV presenter Alexander Gordon is still trailing behind her, although they divorced many years ago. Most people think: it was he who made the ex-wife famous. But the lawyer has his own point of view on this matter.

Gennady Bachinsky called me on the radio. We met with him somehow, he said: “You are so cool, and we will reformat Mayak, come to us. It was my first permanent money,” Gordon said.

As for the marriage with Alexander, she remembers him with a smile. The blonde does not believe that the ex-husband helped her a lot, but at the same time he did not interfere with her development – at that time it was important.

Katya Gordon - photo from the archive -
Katya Gordon – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

During my marriage to him, I sat on the air of the M1 channel a couple of times. We were all such clowns under the wisest“, – says Ekaterina.

Moreover, Gordon has many funny stories related to her ex-husband – many could not even think that he was her husband, they thought – her father.

Sati Kazanova, meeting me, said hello to dad all the time, sincerely thinking that Sasha is my father”, the lawyer recalls with a smile.

Several people were surprised when they learned the truth and said:You are so alike! You have the same forehead. As a result, the couple broke up a few years after marriage. “We didn’t give any large-scale interviews on topics of personal life at all, we didn’t do any PR at all. Many have only recently drawn a parallel between me and Sasha“, – said the star lawyer “”.

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