Feb 21, 2021
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Katerina Shpitsa’s father came to support his daughter during the finale of the 12th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars”

17:55, 02/21/2021

The winner of the project will be announced today.

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The Superfinal of the 12th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars” will take place today. On the eve of the release, one of the project participants, who managed to reach the last stage, Katerina Shpitsa shared a photo with her father. As the actress said in her microblog on Instagram, the parent came to her for the shooting of the final issue of “Dancing with the Stars” to support her.

“A daddy came to support me at the Dances finals. Many years ago, he was also nearby at the “So far Queen” competition in Perm. It was with him that we traveled all over Perm in search of shoes for the performance, and dad bought me the most stunning pair of gold boats, in which I went for several more years, so I liked them. Dad, thank you for your love, ”shared Spitz (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. Prim. row.).

Katerina Shpitsa with her father

The couple of Katerina Shpitsa and Mikhail Schepkin got to the final of the dance project together with duets Sergey Lazarev and Ekaterina Osipova, David Manukyan and Daria Paley, Ekaterina Guseva and Evgeny Papunaishvili, ST and Evgenia Tolstaya, Dmitry Lysenkov and Olga Nikolaeva, Yanina Studilina and Denis Tagintsev. According to the rules of the show, at the very beginning of the final release, the participants will be announced, who will leave the project based on the results of the audience vote. The remaining three couples will fight for the cup.

We will remind, in an exclusive video interview “Around TV” Katerina Shpitsa admitted that she was invited several times to the dance project “Russia 1”. “Before that I was called to dance with the stars, in my opinion, twice. And I refused all the time, because I knew that at the time when the project was going to be filmed in parallel in two more of my direct film projects. I realized that I could not devote as much time to dancing as I would like. I knew I would be nervous about it. That is why she refused, ”said Katerina Shpitsa.

Exclusive video interview “Around TV” by Katerina Shpitsa

It is noteworthy that, like other participants in the show, the actress could not avoid injury. So, in early February, Katerina showed in her microblog on Instagram a bruise on her face, which she received during one of the rehearsals. “Dear friends, today Mikhail and I invite you to a free makeup master class without makeup. Look, what a delicate work – Mishka accidentally put the fingal on me. But I even like the ringlets in his performance, ”Katerina Shpitsa shared.

We add that Katerina Shpitsa is not the only one of the participants in the 12th season of “Dancing with the Stars” who was injured during training. So, at one of the rehearsals, David Manukyan’s shoulder flew out of the joint. The blogger was hospitalized after being injured. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a dislocation. And Dmitry Dyuzhev was completely forced to drop out of the project due to health problems.

Katerina Spitsa and Mikhail Schepkin

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