Jan 23, 2021
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Katerina Shpitsa acquitted the world vice-champion David Manukyan for his participation in the show “Dancing with the Stars”

14:25, 01/22/2021


The actress believes that artists should use every opportunity to reach their potential.

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On January 17, the premiere of the 12th season of “Dancing with the Stars” took place on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel. It was attended by Ekaterina Guseva, Igor Mirkurbanov, Katerina Shpitsa, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Anton Shagin, Yanina Studilina, Evgeny Morozov, Dmitry Lysenkov and rapper ST. However, many viewers found it strange that David Manukyan was filming along with the rest of the artists in the project. The blogger is a professional ballroom dancer and has numerous titles. So, David is a master of sports and vice-world champion.

At the same time, Manukyan’s colleagues on the project do not believe that his participation in the show is dishonest. So, in an exclusive video interview “Around TV” Katerina Shpitsa said that she understands why David decided to star in “Dancing with the Stars”. “I know that David had no other opportunity to enter the project, except as a star. But what sane person in their career would refuse the opportunity to participate in such an interesting and legendary show? If I were in his place, I would not refuse either. The fact that it has competitive advantages is possible. But he hasn’t danced for nine years, I think. I don’t know how in the case of ballrooms, in the case of professional athletes, if you haven’t been involved in your sport for nine years, you will not be able to instantly restore your former shape. And nine years is a whole life, ”said Katerina.

David Manukyan in “Dancing with the Stars”

Spitz added that David had a moral right to enter the project. “And yet, Dancing with the Stars is more than a dance competition. You may not have any filigree technique, but be very artistic, live your performances and thus evoke the sympathy of the viewer and the sympathy of the jury. And who can do it better than anyone else will show the show, ”said the actress.

Katerina shared that Manukyan’s participation in the show will even spur the rest of the participants. “Maybe someone’s triggers will go off and the ambition to learn how to dance in a month, like the vice-champion of the world in ballroom dancing, will go off scale. Why not? People are all sane. And the members of the jury who use social networks, they know his past and there will be increased demands on him compared to other participants, I think, ”says Spitsa.

Exclusive video interview “Around TV” by Katerina Shpitsa

By the way, Katerina herself is not particularly worried about a strong competitor. “Why worry? That he has a competitive advantage, excellent training, he will do everything and take first place? So what? What does it change? The winner of the show will be forgotten in two days. They will rejoice and forget. And why shouldn’t a person take advantage of the opportunity that his life gave him and please people with his art? He dances great! Why shouldn’t he take the chance to prove himself differently? The show is, first of all, an opportunity to open up, ”Shpitsa defended her rival.

Spitsa added that Manukyan in his microblog on Instagram did not boast that he was engaged in professional dancing. “And now, I think he will surprise a lot of people that he has such an interesting past. I know there will be a lot of talk. And he himself. He’s not a stupid guy, he understands all this. But the artist is quite a selfish person. The artist wants to experiment and get to know himself from different sides. And if you have the opportunity to take a cool project and reveal yourself cool, maybe reveal your partner in a new way, it’s stupid not to use it, ”concluded Katerina.

It should be noted that already in the first issue of the project, Spitz was able to surprise the audience with her dance. So, Katerina and her partner Maxim Schepkin performed samba. However, the number unexpectedly ended with a kiss.

Katerina Spitsa and Maxim Schepkin

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