Apr 19, 2021
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Kate Winslet spoke about her daughter Mia’s acting career: “Many do not know that we are relatives”

Kate Winslet spoke about her daughter Mia

Kate Winslet / Mia Tripleton

The 20-year-old daughter of 45-year-old Kate Winslet Mia, who was born during the actress’s marriage to director Jim Tripleton, followed in her mother’s footsteps, like many star children. She made her big screen debut last year and is now continuing to develop her film career.

Mia TripletonMia Tripleton

At the same time, neither Mia herself, nor Kate try not to focus the attention of journalists on their relationship. However, this morning the Oscar-winning film star “Titanic” made an exception: appeared on the air of the TV show Lorraine and gave a rare comment about her daughter Mia’s acting career.

Kate WinsletKate Winslet

Winslet said that now Mia is in the Czech Republic and is preparing to shoot in the series. The star admitted that she always knew that the girl would want to follow in her footsteps. Kate emphasized that Mia bears the name of her ex-husband, thanks to which even many directors do not realize at first that she is the daughter of a Hollywood star.

What’s good for her is that she has a different surname. Because of this, she disappeared from the radar of reporters, even at the auditions, people who chose her for their projects did not know that she was my daughter. This, of course, was very important for her self-esteem,

– told Kate about her daughter.

Kate Winslet with her little daughter MiaKate Winslet with her little daughter Mia

Mia herself in her last year interview, timed to coincide with the release of her debut film with her participation, titled “Shadows”, admitted that she could not believe her luck when she received an invitation to her first audition. The girl also spoke about her dyslexia and admitted that she had to work hard to learn the material for filming. Mia casually mentioned her star mom:

I didn’t actually spend a lot of time on the sets of my mom’s films. But watching this has always been a special pleasure. But then I just looked at it from the outside – it’s a different experience. Now I understand why my mother taught me that acting is hard work. She was right! And I love every second of this difficult profession.

 Mia Tripleton in the movie "Shadows"Mia Tripleton in the film “Shadows”

Kate Winslet was with Mia’s father Jim Tripleton from 1998 to 2001. In addition to an adult daughter, the actress has two more sons from two different partners: 17-year-old Joe from second husband Sam Mendes and seven-year-old Bear from millionaire Ned Rocknroll, with whom they have been together since 2012.

Kate Unislet with ex-husband Jim Tripleton and their daughter MiaKate Winslet with ex-husband Jim Tripleton and their daughter Mia

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