Apr 20, 2021
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Karbalevich on Lukashenka’s promise to make the most important decision in 25 years: There will be an increase in repression

Political scientist Valery Karbalevich said that a simplified “justice” could appear in Belarus. A similar precedent was in the era of Stalin.

Alexander Lukashenko is rapidly turning Belarus into a rudiment of the Soviet dictatorship, many political analysts believe. Now the public is seriously discussing the story of the preparation of the assassination attempt on the Old Man, as if it were 37 years in the yard.

During a recent subbotnik, the Belarusian president announced that he had made one of the most important decisions in a quarter of a century. Lukashenka promised to tell in more detail about this soon.

Political scientist Valery Karbalevich explained what actually stands behind the loud words of Batka. The expert said that in the current circumstances it is definitely not worth expecting relief or a thaw from the last dictator of Europe.

The political scientist suggested that the decree could be directed towards increasing repression. We are talking about a simplified version of justice, in which it is possible to promptly pass sentences to people suspected of attempting to assassinate government officials.

This already happened in the most troubled times of the USSR. People were accused of terrorism for crimes against Soviet power. Karbalevich did not rule out that this will happen again in Belarus, since the republic has the ground for movement in this direction.


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