Feb 17, 2021
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Kaliningrad region gained independence from the networks of Poland and Lithuania

The Kaliningrad region gained independence from the networks of Poland and Lithuania. A unique project for the region on the construction of an underwater communication line has been completed.

The results of the project were summed up in Svetlogorsk. The event was attended by the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergei Ivanov.

“I couldn’t help but fly here, as this is a very important event for the whole country. Exclave finally got an independent fiber-optic communication system with mainland Russia. Now you don’t have to think about what could happen if suddenly there were interruptions on the lines passing through Poland or Lithuania. This line is a key element in the development of the region’s infrastructure, ”he said.

The construction of the communication line took two years. The total length of the submarine cable is 1115 km. The project cost was slightly less than 6 billion rubles.

Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevsky noted that in recent years the company has accumulated extensive experience in laying fiber-optic cables. But in the case of the Kaliningrad region, there were a number of fundamental differences. “The Baltic Sea is under the jurisdiction of a number of states, and in accordance with international law it was necessary to obtain their approvals. In addition, a large number of objects, such as gas pipelines and communication lines, pass along the bottom of the Baltic. All this had to be taken into account when carrying out the work, ”he said, stressing that the line is now in trial operation, and soon the traffic that goes through the networks of other states will be switched to it.

The Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov, in turn, thanked the Russian government and the telecommunications company for their contribution to the digitalization of the region and the construction of strategically important and secure communication channels.

He stressed that the Kaliningrad region is getting new opportunities for the development of “digital”, for the development of business, regardless of any geopolitical disturbances. “If we talk about the development of IT projects in general, we have Technopolis GS in Gusev, which produces computer hardware. The game industry is seriously developing on the territory of the region: games and applications are being developed. There are about 300 such companies in the region. An increased level of digitalization is necessary for the implementation and development of projects such as the Safe City, which directly affects the reduction of crime, “Alikhanov said, noting that digital control technologies are gradually being introduced in all areas to reduce pressure of supervisory authorities on business, and at the same time have mechanisms for putting things in order.

Note that Russia is the world leader in building digital capacity. By 2030, the penetration rate of broadband access must exceed 90% so that residents of the regions have equal electronic access to education, medicine and social services.

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