Jan 9, 2022
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Kaliningrad entered the rating of cities with profitable investments in housing

Residential real estate in the new year will remain one of the most reliable investments, however, when choosing it, several important factors must be taken into account, writes RBC.

The apartment itself should be liquid – it should have good transport accessibility and developed infrastructure. At the same time, prices should not be at their peak, as, for example, in Kaliningrad. The region is one of the most popular destinations for domestic tourism, and during the pandemic, it only strengthened its position. At the end of 2021, although prices increased by 40%, the average cost of a “square” remains low – about 100 thousand rubles.

“Kaliningrad will retain its investment attractiveness next year. Growth factors will remain: proximity to Europe, mild climate and sea, rapid development of the region, ”said Vyacheslav Smirnov, general director of the Miel office.

Russian buyers are currently attracted by the secondary real estate market, as the “primary property” has risen significantly against the background of rising prices for building materials. Market participants believe that at the beginning of 2022, demand activity will decrease, as the cost of mortgage loans will continue to grow.

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