Dec 27, 2020
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Kadoni confessed that he found Borodin a bitch

The host of the Dom-2 project, Vlad Kadoni, confessed that he found Ksenia Borodina a bitch. However, colleagues agreed with a sense of humor.

Kadoni confessed that he found Borodin a bitch

On December 31, TNT broadcasts the final release of the Dom-2 project, after which the show “moves” to another TV channel. In honor of this, the host of the project, Vlad Kadoni, published a photo from the final day of shooting and shared his views on colleagues.

“I thought that Borodin was a bitch who would bite off her head,” the host confessed.

However, he noticed that he got along well with her. Borodin was even the first to admit that she loves working with him.

“We have a similar sense of humor,” notes Kadoni.

He said that Borodin was involved in his problems for centuries, sympathized, supported and helped, even when he didn’t cough up her about it.

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